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Function "joint game" gives you the opportunity to play some games and puzzles together with other players in real time. Also this feature can be used for streams and workshops on solving puzzles.

On this page is a list of currently active games which you can connect. To start the game or connect to an already started game, go to the puzzle and then click "sharing game".

In a joint-game chat where you can chat and receive notifications about online players.

For joint games are awarded coins. Their number is proportional to the ratio of the drop based on your personal factors and inversely proportional to the number of players.

Support Admin
! #440733   2020-07-27 22:30

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Tverianka Last login: 2021-11-29 01:11:02 46 Solver Rank  2020-07-28 13:49 + 1
so how to activate cooperative play? section all the time emptywhat
Support Admin  2020-07-28 18:48 + 3
@Tverianka, click "playing" on any puzzle section and you will be able to join other players.
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Support Admin
! #440974   2020-07-29 11:30
In 12:00,16:00,18:00,20:00,22:00 MSK will automatically create a joint game on the new polyominoes puzzle game 32x24.
#of novolisina

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GingerMartian Last login: 2021-11-29 11:41:02 45 Solver Rank  2020-07-29 16:12 + 0
Strange - tried to log into the game (cat. 16:00), there was another player (I didn't see nick).After a couple of minutes there was a message "Connect to server playing together, torn apart" from the game thrown away. I go again - the second player has no progress to throw on a null :( Glitch? Or I something not so did?
Lena2020 48 Solver Rank  2020-07-29 16:17 + 1
I was there and came out, I did not like the puzzle
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