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Encyclopedia - Carmen

The object is locked, it cannot be sold
Carmen (Stickers #844)   Added2019-12-19 19:23:09  
f The probability of a drop0.000%   15 4431072.6 2131884.7 0.0 0.0 7765   Authoranikina

Required items 4431K   2131K   3580K   686K  

anikina 54 Solver Rank
! #378904   2019-12-19 20:52
When I hear Carmen, I see the image of a bright (diamond), beautiful (paint), radiant (energy) magic vibes (the magic potion), endearing men (the one ring) and an earth woman (living water). The recipe was recreated in the image

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nettaly 52  2019-12-19 21:06 + 3
Romance! A bullfighter in a couple be? ochki
anikina 54 Solver Rank  2019-12-19 21:16 + 2
First let Carmen be approved, and then the Matador look
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