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Encyclopedia - Cat and cupcake

The object is locked, it cannot be sold
Cat and cupcake (Stickers #821)   Added2019-11-23 01:54:53  
f The probability of a drop0.000%   19 1722283.9 1410583.6 0.0 0.0 3093   Authornettaly

Required items 1722K   1410K   1240K   413K  

nettaly 52
2019-11-24 12:58
Sticker "the cat in the hat, celebrating a birthday, near the cupcake with candles" was created for the feast - the eighth birthday of the site :)

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mostanina 46 Solver Rank  2019-11-24 13:13 + 3
I have already collected! Thank you!cvetyvverh
I like the expectation of something new. It would be possible to declare the contest " happy birthday GrandGames"!
More stickers are good and different!aplod
nettaly 52  2019-11-24 13:18 + 1
Great idea! dance
But the competition opens @Support - we can declare the contest "Prize citovsky sympathy" :) I mean, the winner will be a virtual cake and flowers, as well as comments and likes :)
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