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Encyclopedia - Magic ticket

Magic ticket (Special items #610)   Added2019-05-07 15:19:52   The probability of a drop0.001% 1584 / 1284.67   95   AuthorSupport   Regardless of the cost and probability of precipitation, it gives 3 random craft items, including those that do not fall in the drop. You can activate in the lottery.

Can be created in the following recipes

The dynamics of market prices

Dynamics of changes in average prices according to which transactions in purchase/sale of items were carried out, as well as changes in the quantity of items sold in the market grouped by weeks.

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The past 30 days:

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nettaly Online 32403 48 Moderator Solver Rank
! #375643   2019-12-09 01:20
Seven stages of mission in puzzles you can fall magic ticket

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nettaly Online 32403 48 Moderator Solver Rank
! #376976   2019-12-13 14:41
In one of the stages of the mission "guess the fragment" you can fall magic ticket

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t98743235 Online 406 39 Solver Rank
! #412415   2020-04-02 21:15
Magic ticket
"gives 3 random artifacts or crafting subject matter, including those in the drop does not fall."
And before it was written like this: "gives 3 random crafting items or artifacts"
How long has the change come from?
has Anyone tried with a Magic ticket to play?
What are the results?

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Lena2020 Last login: 2020-07-07 21:08:08 45 Solver Rank  2020-04-02 21:23 + 4
I get out from time to time, Japanese crosswords, drops three items , most still craft items, but received and artifacts, and sometimes two artifacts on the same ticket, and sometimes a simple craft items, and sometimes heavy machinery and power plant, it is difficult to say exactly what will fall to You, today received the artifact and power in a single ticket, but so rarely, others might be luckier than me.
t98743235 Online 39 Solver Rank  2020-04-02 21:27 + 3
well, tried:
Your prize.
Спиртх1 Тарах1 Отвертках1
Your prize.
Ленх1 Граблих1 Овцах1
Your prize.
Золотох1 Древесинах1 Свиньях1

as a not very impressed...((
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