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Обсуждаем новый раздел Пазлы Онлайн. Оставляем пожелания по улучшению.
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nettaly Last login: 2023-02-25 14:10:04 52 Solver Rank
! #387407   2020-01-19 14:35

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nettaly Last login: 2023-02-25 14:10:04 52 Solver Rank
! #387854   2020-01-20 20:07
Subscribe to the public "Collect anime-puzzles" - regular updates, colorful images! dance

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nettaly Last login: 2023-02-25 14:10:04 52 Solver Rank
! #388395   2020-01-22 10:57
Любителям итальянского автопрома представляю подборку пазлов с машинами: Maserati, Pagani, Alfa Romeo и Fiat.

Вообще-то эта подборка должна была стать миссией, но теперь такой возможности нет, поэтому собирайте просто так. Здорово, правда? Можно сразу выбрать самый лучший автомобиль.

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Support 44
! #388805   2020-01-23 16:45
Несколько раз у пользователей всплывал вопрос, например
поэтому выношу его на обсуждение для тех кто реально собирает все виды пазлов (полимино-пазлы,угадай фрагмент, классические пазлы, белорусские пазлы, мульти-пазлы). Целесообразно ли ограничение по пункту 3 при добавлении пазлов в каталог?
"Наличие множества деталей пазла не отличающихся визуально, из-за того, что картинка имеет большие области (от трети площади и выше) закрашенные сплошным цветом без наличия графических элементов, позволяющих хотя бы приблизительно определить их местоположение в пазле."

Вообще под этим пунктом в первую очередь подразумевается, такие сущности как, например, ясное небо, которое может занимать большую часть фотографии, сплошная однообразная водная гладь, снег и т.п.

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Support 44  2020-01-23 16:52 + 2
Introduced it to those puzzles in which there is no additional information that can be used to determine the location of the parts except the pattern, I can pick not just putting items at random (for example in square puzzles, the fifteen puzzle without the numbers, guess the snippet belpassi and multiply without numbers).
Lena2020 48 Solver Rank  2020-01-23 16:58 + 4
I was on one website, there is players just loved puzzles of size 1000 Pezinok and solid, picked solely on form Pezinok, but for me to build such puzzles a lot of work, but we are talking about puzzles, where one is the sky and nothing else, or one sea, and nothing more, if have what special sub-section for those who loves more difficult if the puzzle is square palinketi, even in the form not approach.
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nettaly Last login: 2023-02-25 14:10:04 52 Solver Rank
! #389985   2020-01-26 23:49
Подписывайтесь на паблики с пазлами, отслеживайте регулярные обновления в ленте!
- аниме-пазлы

- пазлы для взрослой аудитории

- целая библиотека разнообразных пазлов

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natali062013 Online 46 Solver Rank
! #394819   2020-02-10 15:40
Don't know that any writing, but the problem arose when solving puzzles. Decided two the puzzle and not nagradni not received. Decide actually because of 100% loss of the resource, and wtf

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SDFGHJ Online 49 Solver Rank  2020-02-10 16:05 + 3
Sometimes, too, flew with the rewardfly If long,replayed again,and if long remain without a prize-alasbaa
_gst6907763 46 Solver Rank  2020-02-10 16:10 + 3
wow! new emoticons!magpoetmanikpohvala
Support 44
! #406392   2020-03-15 10:15
Now with the successful passing of moderation of the puzzle will instantly create a number of other puzzles based on it.
#of novolisina

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Carnelian 30
! #406447   2020-03-15 15:54
And the filter of the puzzle "photo/picture" removed? When you search takes the search range was narrowed, it was easier to view.

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Sakara Online 47 Solver Rank  2020-03-15 16:08 + 3
Yesterday I answered this question here:
Carnelian 30  2020-03-15 16:16 + 2
Oh, thank you :)
Support 44
! #406639   2020-03-16 13:41
Нравятся ли вам пазлы на которых изображено множество одинаковых, или очень похожих объектов (цветы, фракталы, абстракции и т.п.)?
Например такого плана:

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NATAKAPA Online 54 Solver Rank  2020-03-16 13:58 + 3
For a peaceful Assembly - Yes, tournaments no.
Tverianka Last login: 2023-03-24 23:10:04 49 Solver Rank  2020-03-16 14:05 + 3
I like all these puzzles. fold the recent years, not enough time in tournaments they are not the worst option. quite a lot distinct from other parts.
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Carnelian 30
! #406899   2020-03-17 10:44
P. 2 moderation - sided inscriptions, frames, etc. - is valid? And it is not in the list :)

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Support 44  2020-03-30 17:31 + 1
For everything else there is points "Not suitable as a puzzle" and "specify in comments". A set of language universal and to Jacob, and puzzles, and, in the future, for everything else, so now this formulation is not.
Support 44
! #407836   2020-03-19 23:53
В пазлы интегрирован функционал по распознаванию объектов на основе нейросетей. Он позволяет обнаружить на изображении некоторые объекты с довольно высокой для машины точностью. При наведении на название объекта, программа показывает его расположение на картинке с помощью рамок. На текущий момент производится обработка всей базы. Процесс займет несколько дней. В дальнейшем данную информацию планируется использовать для улучшения функции поиска дубликатов и похожих картинок, улучшении навигации, возможно и других функций или даже игр.

Пример обработанного пазла:


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nettaly Last login: 2023-02-25 14:10:04 52 Solver Rank  2020-03-19 23:55 + 4
Oh, and I just wanted to ask that for the new signs appeared... Big Brother is watching you - he is for you all and decide...
t98743235 Online 51 Solver Rank  2020-03-20 21:33 + 2
And this is why? Well, in the sense of what it should be?
today Online 49 Solver Rank  2020-03-21 12:47 + 2
Between the row listing the object and picture is a wide strip of advertising, all together on the screen does not fit.
Carnelian 30
! #408146   2020-03-21 00:13
When you add the puzzle now there is no way to choose the image type (auto-specified "picture" to correct through editing). Can I return the function as it was before?

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Support 44  2020-03-30 17:26 + 2
Photo/picture is defined within 20 minutes after adding the neural network (the default is "picture", but if the program determines with a probability greater than 50%, the image is a photograph, the parameter will change automatically).
_gst6907763 46 Solver Rank
! #409693   2020-03-25 16:47
@Support, the problem with downloading the vertical puzzles in the new version, cut the bottom edge of the
here in this puzzle I choose 3x4 (12)
and the result is 3x3 (9)

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Magikus Last login: 2023-03-25 18:37:05 39 Solver Rank  2020-03-25 16:49 + 2
Not only this, many other.
_gst6907763 46 Solver Rank  2020-03-25 16:55 + 1
here choose 4x6 (24)

and gives 4x4 = 16
_gst6907763 46 Solver Rank  2020-03-25 17:01 + 2
"Not only this, many other."

all right, Magikus, thanks for the confirmation
Support 44
! #411249   2020-03-30 10:41
Puzzles are added on behalf of the public and failed in 5 days to recruit a sufficient number of assessments are automatically excluded from the catalog (still in public).
#of novolisina

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nettaly Last login: 2023-02-25 14:10:04 52 Solver Rank  2020-03-30 10:42 + 4
Thank you, this will greatly relieve moderation :)
nettaly Last login: 2023-02-25 14:10:04 52 Solver Rank
! #412048   2020-04-01 17:20
Тех, кто уже устал рассматривать стены собственной квартиры, паблик "Библиотека пазлов вне каталога" приглашает на виртуальную прогулку :) По тегу "интерьер" вы можете найти...
фантастические залы...

просторные библиотеки...

и небольшие уютные домики...

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Vovka. Last login: 2023-03-07 20:37:03 47 Solver Rank  2020-04-01 18:37 + 5
Library likevverhaplod
Know where is this beauty:victory Casino in the Spanish city of Murcia is not a gambling house, a luxury club with a library and rooms where exhibitions and even balls
nettaly Last login: 2023-02-25 14:10:04 52 Solver Rank  2020-04-01 18:44 + 5
Thanks for the valuable addition, now expand the description :)
Support 44
! #412279   2020-04-02 13:06
Добавлен блок рекомендаций похожих головоломок в разделах основаных на картинках из пазлов:


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Support 44
! #412296   2020-04-02 14:02
Classic puzzles function to "Organize" and "circuit" now available without the use of prompts.

#of novolisina

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nettaly Last login: 2023-02-25 14:10:04 52 Solver Rank  2020-04-02 14:04 + 4
Cool :)
Lena2020 48 Solver Rank  2020-04-02 14:17 + 5
When I began to assemble large jigsaw puzzles for the Achievements, experienced the Beauty of these two buttons, thank youvverhporukam
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nettaly Last login: 2023-02-25 14:10:04 52 Solver Rank
! #418016   2020-04-23 13:39
Паблик "Собираем аниме-пазлы" объединяет уже 101 подписчика!

Администрация группы благодарит игроков за оказанное доверие и приглашает остальных присоединиться к сборке акварельных изображений, наполненных яркими деталями и фантастическими сюжетами!

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Lena2020 48 Solver Rank
! #419160   2020-04-27 13:28
@Support, request to You :)
the Substrate in the puzzle is a hint, when you save the puzzle and come out, then the substrate disappears and have to spend yet another hint at the next boot of the puzzle, if the puzzle is great we can several times to save and spend on one puzzle a few hints if it is not technically difficult , make, please , so that the substrate opens with a puzzle, if the player "bought".

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yukka 7
! #420142   2020-04-30 13:10
@Support. Have an hour trying to create the easiest puzzle for 4 year old children. Choose the size 3x3, in result I get just one picture without any parts (see Annex). Tried to look for the answer on the forum: we need to re-read a few dozen pages. Tried search search - is even worse. How to make a simple puzzle for the kids?

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Tane4ka Last login: 2023-03-25 20:07:52 48 Solver Rank  2020-04-30 15:00 + 2
If you find a puzzle, the original of which will be uploaded a square picture or photo, the new version of the smallest size will be 3x3. Checked just now, downloading a picture "for themselves". So You can do this too - load "for themselves" any square pictures that, in Your opinion, will be of interest to the child. But it seems to me that 4x3 - fairly easy size for the kids, my 3 year old granddaughter are safely collected. And in the catalog we have many interesting and beautiful pictures for kids.
Sakara Online 47 Solver Rank  2020-04-30 15:06 + 1
Выбираете нужный пазл, жмёте "Выбрать размер и тип пазла":

Затем выбираете нужный размер и очертания, жмёте "Играть":

Вот Ваш пазл в размере 3х3:

Только такие картинки не подходят для каталога, т. к. здесь очень много однотонного фона, что не подходит для создания головоломок.
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pazzlework Online 25 Solver Rank
! #420445   2020-05-01 15:28
@Support, when you select the old version can not remove "SIMILAR PUZZLES"

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Acceleration 34 Solver Rank
! #423536   2020-05-11 14:55
Is it possible to assemble the same puzzle and size again? All dimensions marked with a green checkmark so collected remain.

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olenenok Last login: 2023-03-24 22:46:04 50 Solver Rank  2020-05-11 15:27 + 1
Again not only if the mission.
Support 44
! #423577   2020-05-11 17:05
The revision in the old interface puzzles. Had a long scrollable panel similar to polyominoes-puzzles, to which you can attach details and scroll along with it. The details panel is not fixed on the grid, so it can be fit as much as necessary. This new functionality should make the Assembly of the puzzle, for those who use this version of the puzzle is much more comfortable.
#of novolisina

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Support 44
! #428427   2020-05-29 13:23
Description in the puzzle as Japanese crosswords is now optional. Provided that you have a story to tell about the picture and you understand how to write tags and why they are needed, it is preferable that information to specify. Pay close attention to quality downloadable pictures and how well they fit puzzles of different types. The number of puzzles that can be simultaneously added to a moderation reduced to 7. The maximum period of moderation has been increased to 15 days. Usually cool pictures with good, interesting and literate description, on moderation for a long time. So if you want to add a lot, it is in your interests to do so responsibly.
#of novolisina

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Tverianka Last login: 2023-03-24 23:10:04 49 Solver Rank  2020-05-29 13:56 + 2
Support 44
! #433237   2020-06-18 00:46
1. Added the ability to create a puzzle for classic puzzle games section for game tips. At the moment - 50 tips. When installing the checkbox "Create new" system after your confirmation will create and open the puzzle with the specified parameters if it does not exist.
2. If you select custom size in the catalogue of puzzles, if a section of the classic puzzle games is already a puzzle with the selected parameters, will be open to it.

#of novolisina

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_gst6907763 46 Solver Rank  2020-06-18 16:30 + 2
on the one hand is good, you can make the missing puzzle missions
on the other, the quality of the puzzles is suffering, the picture stretched, even though it took the older puzzle, for 2017год thought prolixity suffer puzzles downloaded after the transition to the new platform
Lena2020 48 Solver Rank  2020-06-18 18:07 + 2
I also tried, expensive turns out, but for clues you can quickly go to Pioneer :)
Support 44
! #433501   2020-06-19 12:35
Updated user interface page with a puzzle. The picture is now displayed on all of the available width of the page.
All lists, links, and other controls are hidden by default, to review the images now do not interfere.
Choose the right version of the puzzle or the operation icon by pressing the corresponding button.
the Cost of generating random puzzles in the section "KLASSICHESKIE puzzles" reduced to 20 tips.

#of novolisina

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Lena2020 48 Solver Rank  2020-06-19 13:18 + 3
Very tempting for clues to make a lot of the classic puzzle games of small size for passing achievements, but they all get shared, and honestly , constrains me personally, somehow responsible or something, you'll any and all use, everyone can make for themselves?
_gst6907763 46 Solver Rank  2020-06-19 13:27 + 2
Now in moderation under the puzzle while pressing knock search takes gives an error: Error! Nonogram Not found!

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Spichenka Last login: 2023-03-25 23:02:05 51 Solver Rank
! #433528   2020-06-19 15:13
Forgot to tie the button "Quick build" or this function will no longer be?
for example, I did not understand during the puzzle Assembly now what mode was the default

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Spichenka Last login: 2023-03-25 23:02:05 51 Solver Rank  2020-06-19 23:24 + 1
Well, the button is now in place, but the result is the table the puzzle is not displayed, tick the "Quick build" removed the page when the Assembly is not updated and not closed. Already two of the puzzle is not an accident.
Support 44  2020-06-19 23:56 + 4
thank you for reported issue is resolved
Support 44
! #433773   2020-06-20 18:59
The opportunity to create polyominoes-puzzles with arbitrary size and type details.

Advantages noted versions of the puzzle already created by other players or by the system.

In the classical section and polyominoes-puzzles now displays a link to the puzzle-the source in the directory.

#of novolisina

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Lena2020 48 Solver Rank  2020-06-20 19:02 + 3
Steeper and steeper, thanks to the choice of size is always great for tips or just right?
Lena2020 48 Solver Rank  2020-06-20 19:07 + 3
For the tips, already tried it and saw :)
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Support 44
! #433826   2020-06-20 22:33
Classic puzzles changed the mechanism of deposition of fragments of the image for detail. Instead of vertical compression, which often led (especially in the cutting with a small number of parts) to a significant distortion of the image, now subject to the normal application of the image while keeping the aspect ratio with cropping the bottom and right part of the image that do not fit into the details.
Also fixed a bug with marked discrepancy in size vertically on the page of the puzzle in reality.
#of novolisina

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Ioanna 43 Solver Rank  2020-06-20 22:42 + 4
I do not understand, but still thank you for thinking about us gamer hands
today Online 49 Solver Rank  2020-06-20 23:28 + 3
Thanks, I feel better!
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Support 44
! #434651   2020-06-24 21:34
В разделе пазлов кнопки для создания и выбора готовых головоломок вынесены в отдельный блок.
Функционал для создания классических пазлов теперь имеет тот же принцип, что и для полимино и белпазлов.
Теперь весь механизм создания головоломок визуально работает одинаково. Вскоре также будет реализована возможность добавления пятнашек.

Пазлы со свободным выбором размера доступны по нажатию на кнопки со ставшими привычными для большинства игроков названиями "Старая версия" и "Новая версия". Добавлена справка поясняющая принцип работы разных разделов пазлов (открывается по нажатию на иконку со знаком вопроса).

По историческим причинам за почти 9 лет развития, структура сайта стала довольно сложной.
Надеюсь, эти меры сделают процесс взаимодействия с сайтом более понятным особенно для новых игроков. Приятной вам игры.

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Lena2020 48 Solver Rank  2020-06-24 21:47 + 1
Thank youporukam
NATAKAPA Online 54 Solver Rank  2020-06-25 02:13 + 1
Support 44
! #434791   2020-06-25 20:30
Questions for fans of puzzles.
1. If you play using "old version" of the interface Assembly, do you use a scrollable strip for storage of parts?
2. Whether you personally a similar strip in the "new version" interface?
3. Are there any significant disadvantages in the old and new versions of the interface for the Assembly of jigsaw puzzles?
#of novolisina

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Lena2020 48 Solver Rank  2020-06-25 20:39 + 3
Stripes have not tried it, but personally I think it is not very convenient:
1. With a small size of the puzzle is loaded palinki very large , in my opinion, it is necessary to zoom out.
2. Poorly glued palinki, in tournaments it is clear, like a hint, and during a normal build I would like to quickly docked, could not understand why I was not very convenient to collect, then collected for comparison on another website and realized they palinki glued "in the hint," but we have been docked to the millimeter, can the truth I kind of missed function and do not use.
t98743235 Online 51 Solver Rank  2020-06-25 21:09 + 1
Totally agree.
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GingerMartian Online 50 Solver Rank
! #436486   2020-07-05 04:24
Hello friends :) Recently learned about the so-called effect of gluing the puzzle, which simplifies the solution and which you can disable somewhere in the settings. Tell me, please, Nuba - where exactly is this button (to disable the gluing)?
Thank you.
ETA: in the section "puzzles."

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GingerMartian Online 50 Solver Rank  2020-07-05 15:34 + 1
Please answer, I don't want to play in tournaments dishonest ways
Vovka. Last login: 2023-03-07 20:37:03 47 Solver Rank  2020-07-05 15:38 + 2
I never even heard of itwhat Especially looked like, there are no such buttons.
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Support 44
! #439268   2020-07-19 14:25
A question for players solving puzzles, I beg to Express today is my opinion.
whether udobne if classic puzzles box of the Assembly is located not in the center, as it is now, and in the upper left corner, i.e. as in the old interface?

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today Online 49 Solver Rank  2020-07-19 14:51 + 4
And how will I organize the outline? It is better to leave as is.
Lena2020 48 Solver Rank  2020-07-19 15:02 + 1
Organize the outline will be on the remaining sides, I'm in if the field Assembly will not throw palinki, the place will be free to build the puzzle and without button On the contour.
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Support 44
! #439338   2020-07-19 22:59

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Support 44  2020-07-19 23:03 + 2
Changes compared to previous version:
1. Build the field in the upper left corner
2. Button moved up.
3. Increased the size of the default height (double box Assembly)
4. Lots of bugs fixed.
5. Reworked rendering engine parts, old computers should work faster.
6. When you download a new puzzle parts aligned along the contour.
7. For variants with a small number of parts reduced the field size by default.

t98743235 Online 51 Solver Rank  2020-07-19 23:08 + 0
Decided To Puzzle No. 194922.
I personally Have a field for the Assembly in the upper left corner somehow went beyond the screen up that side.
Again, the puzzle of small size, parts are superimposed on one another, it is necessary to reduce the size.
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Support 44
! #439508   2020-07-20 16:30
The new functionality made adjustments according to your wishes:
* build the Field shifted to the maximum size of a ledge in the puzzle.
* the Function "circuit" puts items closer together and affects only a single.
* the Details can't hide the ledge beyond the edge of the screen.
* By default the size of the field Assembly and the entire field better adapted to the size of your device.
Please test the new features included, is available for the below puzzles
#of novolisina

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Support 44  2020-07-20 16:31 + 0
GingerMartian Online 50 Solver Rank  2020-07-20 17:03 + 1
Thanks, everything's fine! vverhsolnce
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Support 44
! #440227   2020-07-24 19:44
The updated functionality of the classic puzzle games run on all website. Of the changes previously tested on the test options are as follows:
1. The buttons at the top
2. Limited to size of items default layouts 4x, 6x, 8x
3. Function "contour" lays out the details denser and immediately upon first boot. In addition, it does not address the details inside the field of the assemblies or groups.
4. More noticeable the substrate.
5. Adaptive height of the playing field.
6. The field for the Assembly in the upper left corner.

Also added a function of grid alignment details within the field Assembly.
#of novolisina

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svetulios Online 19 Solver Rank  2020-07-24 20:16 + 1
Puzzle opens in very small size. Press "increase size", save, but when re-open it, it opens again very small and again we have several times increased.
GingerMartian Online 50 Solver Rank  2020-07-24 20:57 + 1
Thank you very much!
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Support 44
! #440341   2020-07-25 13:37
The mechanism of the joint Assembly now available in the classic puzzles. Because different players have the option of devices on which they play can be very different from phones and tablets to desktop with a huge screen, in order to allow simultaneous game, when you activate the joint Assembly, the dimensions of the playing field panel and for the Assembly be fixed. If the width of your device is less than 1600 pixels, it appears the horizontal scrolling. Field Assembly is moved to the left corner.
#of novolisina

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Support 44  2020-07-25 13:39 + 3
I invite you to test right now:
Lena2020 48 Solver Rank  2020-07-25 13:49 + 1
Tried on the phone, not very convenient, for some reason it is difficult to move the field , and therefore not all palinki see on the laptop there is no opportunity to try and chat window on the phone interfered with, not figured out how to remove it and activate, but thank you for this opportunity, I wonder :)
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Support 44
! #440457   2020-07-26 01:54
Добавлен набор опций расположения деталей. Настройка сохраняется и автоматически применяется при открытии новых пазлов. Каждый сможет выбрать вариант который ему больше по душе.
"В кучу" - помещает детали в компактную кучу справа от поля сборки.

"В стопку" - все детали в одну стопку справа от поля сборки

"Разброс по свободной зоне" - детали будут разброшены по всему игровому поля не заползая на область сборки.

"Случайный разброс" - детали будут разброшены по всему игровому полю. Вариант применялся до внесения изменений в функционал классических пазлов.

"По контуру" - вариант по-умолчанию, аккуратно распределяет детали по свободной зоне. Если места недостаточно, кладет вторым слоем.


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GingerMartian Online 50 Solver Rank  2020-07-26 02:00 + 3
Thank you! solnce
SDFGHJ Online 49 Solver Rank  2020-07-26 02:34 + 5
Thank you,@Support hands for taking Care of the Lovers of Puzzles! puzzlegoodflowsflowsflows:solnce
Now the jigsaw puzzles rare, but before before Assembly of the puzzle for your convenience palinki always laid out in rows by color puzzle and now this to do good Press "circuit" and all of you will make the program podmig WONDERS mag ,and more!!!klass
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svetulios Online 19 Solver Rank
! #440552   2020-07-26 21:56
Спасибо за варианты расположения деталей. А с размером игрового поля ничего не будете делать? Я в Пазлах онлайн, выбираю размер 20х15, где больше элементов, иначе просто неинтересно. После апгрейда открывается в очень маленьком размере, увеличиваю до максимума, всё равно неудобно. Раньше было намного лучше. Вот так выглядит пазл при открытии, если не увеличить.

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