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Nonogram battle

When choosing the "Combat" option, you can compete with other players in solving nonograms in a timed mode. Each competition may include 2 to 8 registered players. The entrance fee ranges from 10 to 1,000 coins. The winner, who is the fastest to solve a nonogram, collects all the coins entered as a fee by all participants. All participants of a Combat have to solve the same nonogram selected randomly based on the chosen options, which are the size and color. Only the nonograms that were built correctly, have a single solution, and can be solved either with or without deeper recursion. Players cannot know what puzzle will be picked until the Combat starts. The system, however, will register the nonograms that each participant has already solved and will not allow players that have already solved the Combat puzzle to participate.

Any player can create a Combat and modify it as they wish. The Combat will start automatically in one minute maximum after the required number of players enters it. Due to the specifics of the system, there may be a 20-second gap between the starting points of the Combat for the players. Nevertheless, the time is recorded correctly and precisely since it is set as the interval between the page with the puzzle being displayed to the player and the moment when the server receives the correct solution.

The system denies the Combat entry to the player who closes the window with the puzzle for more than 1-2 minutes after entering it. The Combat is built on the Timed Mode, which is why the system records the time taken to solve the puzzle in the gaming statistics database and gives extra coins for solving the nonogram according to the set rules. The winner is detected in 20-60 seconds after the first correct solution is received.

Attention! After the Combat is started, players are not allowed to open new pages in their browsers, leaving only the Combat one. You must close all the browser pages before the Combat starts. Otherwise, the entry is automatically denied, the entry fee is withheld, and the timed mode score will not be recorded! In the tournament table, the players that have been denied the Combat are marked in grey strikethrough font. If all players exit the Combat before it starts, it is deleted automatically within a minute.

Using different types of cheating to gain an unfair advantage over other players in the Combat mode (e.g., using specific software for solving nonograms automatically, getting the answer to the nonogram in any way before solving it, etc.) results in freezing your account.

Every now and then, the system produces freerolls, or free Combats, which do not require an entry fee but offer prizes anyway. Freerolls are not deleted until they are played.

Combats do not involve solving puzzles with a grid side over 20 cells, no matter what puzzle size is selected in the options.

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