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Japanese Scramble

In the "Battle" you can compete in speed solutions Japanese puzzles with other players. In every fight can participate from 2 to 8 players registered . Fee ranges from 10 to 1000 game coins. The winner - the player who decides the Nonograms with maximum speed , takes contributions from all players. All participants decide to fight the same Japanese crossword , which is randomly selected by the given parameters ( size and color ) . Can only be selected properly compiled crosswords emeyuschie the only solution to be solved with the selection and without. What specific crossword puzzle will be selected , players will be known only when the battle begins. The system is already known for creating contractions , so it will not allow the registration of players who previously have considered the Japanese crossword puzzle.

Create battle with its own settings can any player . Quest starts automatically , no later than 1 minute after the desired number of registered participants. Due to the nature of the system , players can start to address at various times with a difference of 20 seconds, but despite this , the time is recorded accurately , as it is considered as the time interval between the player saw the page with the crossword puzzle , until the moment of the server the right decision.

The system cancels the registration of a player if he signed up , and then closed the window the fight more than 1-2 minutes . Quest is an add- on mode " to decide on the rate ," so the system remembers the time of solutions in game statistics , as well as charges extra coins for solving a crossword puzzle in Japan according to the rules . The winner is fixed 20-60 seconds after received the first correct answer.

Attention ! After the start of the bout is not allowed to open new browser windows , but windows in " battle ." Close all open tabs site ( and before the battle begins. Otherwise , the registration is automatically annulled without coin return and the result of the decision on the rate does not count ! These players are displayed in gray strikethrough font. If out of the scrum at the stage of registration of all the players came out , it is automatically deleted within minutes.

The use of various tricks to gain an advantage over the other players in the " Real " (the use of different programs , solving crossword Japanese , prior receipt of ways images crossword puzzles , etc. , etc.) will result in blocking your account.

From time to time, the system generates freerolls - free battle for which contributions are not taken, but the prize is paid. Freerolls are not removed until will not be played.

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