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Chesckers online

This hybrid chess-and-checkers game was invented in the mid-20th century by Solomon Golomb. A traditional 8x8 board is used. Each player has 8 checkers, two kings, a bishop, and a camel, which is the analog of a knight in chess. The pieces are placed only on black fields. The camel moves three fields horizontally and one field vertically or three fields vertically and one field horizontally, i.e., one field further than a chess knight. The bishop moves the same as the one in chess.

The King moves the same as a regular checker does, but can also move backward(similarly to the crowned checker in English draughts). Checkers and Kings attack by jumping over the pieces of the opponent. If there is a piece that a regular checker or a King can take, taking is mandatory. If a piece can be taken by different pieces, i.e., a checker,a bishop, or a camel, any of the variants can be chosen. Instead of being crowned, checkers can be replaced by any piece including the King.

The goal of the game is to destroy all of the opponent's Kings or make it impossible for the opponent to move a piece.

  • Pawns move similarly to the pieces in checkers: without attacking, they move one square forward diagonally, but, to attack, they jump two squares forward diagonally over an enemy piece to an empty square, thereby removing the enemy piece. C
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