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In the game of "puzzles" you have to collect an arbitrary picture of 72 square pieces faster than the rival will do. More the half of all details of the part are rearranged in pairs. This means that for one permutation, you can find the correct location of two parts at once. If the pair is found incorrectly, this will increase the number of additional permutations by at least two moves, so try to search for the details in pairs, and not one at a time.

At the beginning of the game, the opponents have equal chances, since the minimum number of permutations is the same for everyone, although the order of the permutation differs. The picture for both players is the same. The winner is the one who will first collect the picture, but if the opponent next will collect his own, then a draw is awarded.

You can play not only an individual, but also with a bot. The bot can perform the task perfectly, for a minimal number of permutations, but to make it more interesting to play with puzzles, it is programmed to periodically make mistakes.

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