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Jigsaw puzzle game online

When playing a jigsaw puzzle, you will need to build a random picture of 72 square pieces faster than your opponent does. More than half of all pieces are rearranged in pairs. This means that for one permutation, you can find the correct location of two pieces at once. The minimum number of moves needed to win the game equals the number of rearranged pieces divided by 2. If a wrong pair is matched, the number of additional permutations will be increased by at least two moves, so try to search for the details in pairs, and not one at a time. Your pieces are placed at the bottom of the screen, and the ones of your opponent are at the top of it. the game is similar to the Belarusian puzzles, which enjoys quite a popularity on our site.

At the beginning of the game, the opponents have equal chances to win since the minimum number of permutations is the same for both, although the order of the permutation differs. The picture is the same for both players. The winner is the one who solves the puzzle first, but if the opponent solves theirs in their next move, the game is considered a draw.

You can play not only with an actual opponent but also with a bot. The bot can perform the task perfectly, for a minimal number of permutations, but to make it more interesting to play with puzzles, it is programmed to make mistakes from time to time.

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