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Gomoku online

The Gomoku game is widely popular in Asian countries and has been gaining increasing popularity in other countries. Virtually everyone must have played a version of tic-tac-toe where the player placing three figures in a row wins. Basically, this is Gomoku in a nutshell, the only difference being the absence of limits. The game is also known as Renju, Penta, Karo, and Five-in-a-Row, which are its different variations. At, contemporary rules for playing Gomoku are used.

A game is played on a square board with 19 horizontal and vertical lines. Two players take turns to place their chips on the points of intersections on the board. The player using black pieces makes the first move. The one to build a 5-piece horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row wins. The player using black pieces has a clear advantage, which is why, in similar games, there are limitations for black pieces. In Gomoku, there are no such limitations.

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