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In the "battle" you can compete in the speed of the decision of puzzles with other players. Each player makes a contribution to the game coins. Winner (the player who decided to puzzle faster) takes coins. In order to participate in the battle, there are two ways.

The first - to create a game. To do this, select puzzle in catalog then you need to specify the number of coins and the number of parts in the submenu create contractions (under the main link with the size). A window is displayed with the information that the puzzle is successfully created. After that, you need a switch to this page and wait for the opponent. After joining a rival, you have five minutes to begin to address. If started later, or not started at all, you will be given the defeat. Your line will be highlighted in bold, the Status column will link Solves one. Start solve !!). Your username will be in the "Player 1". In the column "Player 2", respectively, will be the name of your opponent.

The second way - to choose someone already created a battle, if you are satisfied with the puzzle, its size and the number of coins. Available for accession bout marked with green background. The game begins immediately after you click the link " Sign Up ".

Contractions result is displayed either within a minute after the battle decided the player to create it, or 5 minutes , after solving the puzzle join the player if the first player does not have time to solve before this time.

If after the creation of the fight, no one joined within 30 minutes, it will be canceled. If you saved the puzzle with the selected size before, but have not solved it, when joining the fray your saving will be erased. If you created a battle, and then began to solve the puzzle of the same size without waiting for the connection of the second player, the scrum will be deleted.

When "fight" solving the puzzle mode, you can use the buttons to save and load, but in the case of reloading the page, or, for example, opening it in a different tab before you choose a puzzle, you will be assigned to defeat . If within 10 hours from the inception of the fight, none of the players decided to puzzle fight canceled.

To create a new battle you need to login !
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