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  1. Ability to save puzzles.
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The following is prohibited at

  1. Writing profanities and trolling other users in the comment section.
  2. Incitement to hatred.
  3. Publishing commercial material and links to rival sites
  4. Any other activities that are illegal according to the Russian, Belarusian, or Ukrainian regulations.
  5. Multiple accounts for a single user. allows and encourages you to:

  1. Solve puzzles, rate them, and vote for them.
  2. Leave your comments and vote up or down the ones left by other users.
  3. Share the puzzles you liked on social media using the corresponding buttons.
  4. Create new nonograms and upload jigsaw puzzles.
  5. Support newcomers by answering their questions on forums.
  6. Leave reasonable suggestions and constructive criticism about the site improvement.
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