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Board Games online

On our site, you can play logic-based board games free with other players! Our site offers a large number of different games? from chess and checkers to reverse and Gomoku. New logic puzzles are added regularly. Every game requires two players. All game rounds are up for free access& and you can check the game records at any time

. To start a game, create a table and wait until someone joins you, or choose any of the tables open in the list. Every participant gets an Elo rating rank, which shows the player’s skill level. The default Elo rating is 1,600.

You can also play for game coins, At the beginning of the party, the designated number of coins is deducted from the participants and is given to the winner in the end of the game. In case of a draw, all players receive their coins back. “R” in the table means that the position is rated, i.e., the rating will be changed based on the game results.

Coins: Minutes per game: Increase in the number of seconds:
#IDPlayer 1 Player 2OptionsStatus
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