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A picross is a puzzle in which you need to find the image in the grid using numbers in the top and leftmost parts of the grid as hints.

Nonograms, also known as japanese crosswords, are a rectangular grid with numbers written in the left and top parts, which you need to use to find the encrypted image. The numbers on the left and top correspond to continuous blocks of the same color in the row or column.

Don't know how to solve nonograms yet? Check out our detailed tutorial video.


Numbers 0-9 on the keyboard - select color

WASD, Home, End, PageUP, PageDown - move the nonogram

Plus, minus, or square brackets - decrease/increase the field size

QE - fix/unfix panels with digits.

Arrows - move the cursor across the field, press Shift to draw, Ctrl to put crosses

CTRL+Z - undo move

CTRL+SHIFT+Z - redo undone move

CTRL+S - save

Scroll - move the crossword vertically, or zoom in/out if the nonogram is smaller/larger than the screen. Press Ctrl to zoom. Press Shift to scroll horizontally

Left mouse button, touch - draw with the selected color (Ctrl/Shift changes the drawing mode)

Right mouse button - add crosses to mark empty cells found

Tab - shows the block that can be found by simple intersection for the current row and column, if it exists.

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