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Duel allows you to compete in the speed of solving puzzles in real time with one of the players.


Duel allows you to compete in the speed of solving puzzles in real time with one of the players.

Two players solve the same puzzle, matched according to the given criteria. The one who decided faster takes both participation fees. If the duel did not take place, or the solution speed is the same, the coins will be returned. According to the results of the duel, the tournament rating of the players is adjusted. In order to estimate how long it will take to solve the puzzle, a filter is available by the system's average speed of solving the puzzle. After an opponent connects to you, the system will select a puzzle that none of you have solved, and the game will start automatically.

The speed is considered almost like in tournaments. If you decide immediately in one go, without reloading the page, then your actual speed of the solution is used. If not, then the speed is counted from the beginning of the duel, i.e. the moment when the second player entered it. After the decision of one of the players has been scored, the duel will be over in 60-120 seconds. Therefore, if you are the creator of the duel, it is in your best interest to start playing immediately after the opponent has joined, otherwise, if you started playing too late, your time will not be counted.

You can choose the maximum difference in your strength and the strength of your opponent. To do this, use the ELO rating selector (from 100 to 500 points). If you change your mind about participating in a duel, do not forget to press the cancel button, otherwise, you will be considered defeated if an opponent joins and solves the puzzle. Also, your duel will be canceled if you joined someone else's.

If you have created a duel, use only one browser tab, otherwise, when the opponent enters the game, the game will start in all tabs, the system will count the decision as completed in more than one run and time compensation will not be taken into account.

If no one has solved the puzzle 90 minutes (for filter up to 3 minutes - limit 7 minutes, for filter 3-10 minutes - limit 20 minutes) after the start of the duel, it will be canceled without return of coins. A new duel can be created only if you do not have active duels, or more than 5 minutes have passed since the start of an active duel.

We remind you that in tournaments and duels, the use of various technical aids, other than those provided by the game interface, is prohibited. Players who have good reason to believe they are regularly used will have limited access to duels and tournaments.
If you have found an inaccurate or erroneous translation of the website interface elements, please let us know: @GrandGames
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