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Ball Sort

You need to sort the balls into their flasks. In one flask there should be balls of only one color.

In this game, you need to sort the balls into their respective flasks. Each flask should contain balls of only one color. You can move a ball either to an empty flask or onto another ball of the same color. Depending on the level, flasks can hold between 4 and 9 balls. The game is available for free, without downloading or registering. You can use the filter to select a level that suits you based on its difficulty and other parameters.

There are three game modes:

  • Classic - all the balls are visible and can be collected in any flask.
  • Hidden balls - balls in flasks are hidden, and the color of the hidden ball is different from the color of the top ball.
  • Color flasks - balls must be collected in flasks of a specified color.

To move a ball, click on the flask it is in. If there is only one flask it can be moved to, the ball will be automatically moved there. If there are several suitable flasks, click on the one you want to move it to.

If you need to save time and quickly move several balls of the same color, which can be useful in tournaments, duels, and missions, double-click on the source or target flask.

The colors of the balls are numbered. This makes the puzzle accessible even to players who have problems with perceiving color shades. You can turn off the numbering, auto=move and other options in the settings menu.

Pro? Record a master class and get V.I.P.
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