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Achievement is the completion of a specific task in a specified time. The type of tasks can be absolutely any, sometimes, even not related to solving puzzles. Unlock achievements, get prizes and a completion mark on your page! The progress of the achievement starts to be counted only after you clicked the "start" button. Each achievement has its own entry price in the tips. If you failed to complete it within the allotted time, you can try again. The achievement can be completed several times, but each time the entry price will double.

Attention! Read the task carefully, in some achievements with your inventory, or information on saving and solving puzzles, various manipulations can be carried out. You can check the progress of the achievement at any time by clicking on the corresponding button. The progress of the achievement is displayed based on the information that is current at the time of checking its status. If the parameters of the game entities that are taken into account in the achievement have changed, the progress will change accordingly.

All puzzle-solving achievements do not count puzzle solutions from the Jigsaw and Japanese Crossword Catalog.

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