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You can use the online tool for free publication of nonograms on our site. Only authorized users can add nongrams. Your authorship will be indicated on the page with the nonogram (link to your profile). For each new nonogram, you will get extra ranking points!

Once your drawing is tested and approved by the moderators, it will appear in the catalog.

Attention! The title of the nonogram must start with a capital letter and must correspond to the image that you plan to create.

Maximum image size: 80x80cells. Do not choose very similar colors, as well as very light colors that cannot be visually separated from white or from each other. A nonogram must contain blank cells; otherwise, the solution will require only painting cell s without making any intellectual effort. It is prohibited to copy pictures from other sources if they violate anyone's copyright.

Warning! Do not redraw nonograms that already exist on our website! Otherwise, your account may be blocked!

For each added Japanese crossword puzzle that passes moderation, you will receive 1000 game coins. If the crossword puzzle reaches a rating higher than 3.5 in 2 weeks, you will also receive a magic lottery ticket. The best crosswords with a rating of 3.8 and above will additionally receive up to 3 bonus coins.
You do not have access to the function «Draw a nonogram». Authorisation required!
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