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Collections of puzzles on a specific theme that need to be solved as quickly as possible

Floating puzzles 1

2023-11-19   jennyst   Stages10
T95 B0 S4 G26

Camp 1 lvl

2023-11-19   jennyst   Stages10
T87 B0 S3 G56

Sapper 1 lvl

2023-11-19   jennyst   Stages10
T71 B0 S6 G43

Philippine giants

2023-10-24   MARA120   Stages10
T50 B13 S3 G7

Vegetable mix

2023-03-21   natali_dm   Stages20
T332 B37 S14 G12

Polyomino Teatime 1

2023-03-12   olenenok   Stages25
T124 B31 S33 G43

Tea Party Sticky Puzzles

2023-03-11   olenenok   Stages12
T93 B15 S36 G19

Tea Party Multi-Puzzles

2023-03-11   olenenok   Stages18
T77 B14 S7 G19

Polyomino Teatime 2

2023-03-11   olenenok   Stages33
T54 B18 S25 G28


2023-03-11   AliciaLial   Stages15
T62 B13 S2 G4

Three tiles - study mission

2023-03-11   GrandGames   Stages10
T71 B23 S40 G56

Mix berry

2023-03-02   natali_dm   Stages25
T75 B13 S8 G6


2023-02-27   AliciaLial   Stages16
T54 B18 S3 G12

Touhou Project Puzzles

2023-02-25   LRJJBP   Stages8
T36 B14 S11 G11


2023-02-12   Suhad   Stages7
T58 B1 S0 G0


2023-02-12   Suhad   Stages11
T79 B2 S1 G1

Rain in Anime

2023-01-02   AliciaLial   Stages20
T77 B14 S9 G10

Walking in the Rain - 2

2022-12-22   AliciaLial   Stages24
T72 B12 S5 G5

Animal Puzzles

2022-12-21   GrandGames   Stages12
T92 B31 S29 G3

Colored nonograms for smartphones

2022-12-06   GrandGames   Stages240
T217 B9 S7 G3

Nonograms for smartphones

2022-12-06   GrandGames   Stages240
T152 B8 S6 G2


2022-11-15   AliciaLial   Stages11
T83 B17 S5 G4

Walking in the Rain

2022-10-30   AliciaLial   Stages24
T58 B7 S1 G3
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