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You need to remove all the cards from the field, connecting pairs of identical pictures according to certain rules.

Mahjong is a kind of solitaire, which represnets a set of cell images, each being represented by at least one pair. If you click on pictures of the same items that can be connected with horizontal or vertical lines bending at a right angle not more than twice, they will be removed. The aim of the puzzle is to remove all images.

In the mahjong pyramid, you can remove identical cards that are not covered by others and that have an empty space on the right or left.

To play it on our website for free, without registration and in the full screen mode. There are many varieties of mahjong, such as Mahjong with images of butterflies, fruit and vegetables, faces, and flags on the tiles, as well as classic Mahjong shapes to play the desktop version of Mahjong.

Each game has been tested and can be solved. If you ate facing difficulties solving the puzzle, track back to the point at whcih images can be connecetd in a different way.

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