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Missions for the puzzle «Mahjong»


2022-01-12   nettaly   Stages15
T119 B0 S41 G35


2021-04-13   nettaly   Stages8
T48 B20 S5 G5

Актёры и годы

2021-04-05   nettaly   Stages11
T36 B15 S11 G10

Факты о крысах

2021-04-04   nettaly   Stages12
T49 B13 S9 G8

Вишня маджонга

2021-03-28   anikina   Stages12
T38 B39 S18 G15

Лёгкие Земли в маджонге

2021-03-23   anikina   Stages12
T37 B22 S11 G10

Промышленник маджонга

2021-03-16   anikina   Stages12
T18 B15 S8 G9

Всегда первый в маджонге

2021-03-16   anikina   Stages12
T19 B17 S11 G11

Strawberries in mahjong

2021-03-05   anikina   Stages12
T40 B24 S12 G11

History of road signs creation

2021-03-05   anikina   Stages12
T24 B16 S9 G9

Gold in proverbs and mahjong

2021-03-04   anikina   Stages12
T26 B15 S11 G10

Birch in poetry and in mahjong

2021-03-04   anikina   Stages12
T22 B15 S13 G12

New Year in Shanghai

2021-02-11   nettaly   Stages16
T45 B13 S3 G0
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