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Solve on Speed

In this mode, a random griddler will be selected based on the chosen filters. The solution time is recorded. . The solution speed is recorded. Extra functions such as saving the process, uploading the saved image, and location of mistakes are not available in this mode. Only the puzzles that you have not solved before are shown.

The mode is available only for registered users! Attention! In the speedrun mode, users can solve only one nonogram at a time. You must close all the tabs of this and other sites before you begin to solve the puzzle. Otherwise, your solving speed will not be recorded!

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К двенадцатилетию проекта мы выпустили большое...
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Сайт с грядущим Двенадцатилетием
🗓️ 👍 15 ✍️12
2023 GrandGames Championship
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