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General information

In order to diversify the gameplay, to bring a bit of excitement an it and further increase the interest in solving puzzles, the site has got a crafting system.

The crafting system is popular in various MMORPG games. In most of them, players get resources for destroying the in-game characters and completing various missions. On our site, players receive a variety of resources for solving puzzles. Some resources drop less often, while other drop more often. Resources and items can be obtained only by solving those puzzles in which a player has to evaluate the puzzle after solving it to get the prize. The assessment must be done immediately after solving the puzzle, without opening other tabs. Resources can be used to craft, orcreate, other resources, recipes and items.

The1x-9x multiplier indicated on the page containing a puzzle shows how many times the resources will be randomized. The 5x sign shows that, ideally, you may receive up to 5 units of each item from the encyclopedia granted that these items have a nonzero likelihood of occurring

Players are free to buy and sell any obtained items for game coins. The ultimate goal of crafting is to create stickers that will be displayed on your personal page as well as to get bonus items, which can provide benefits or useful features in games. To create any item, a certain recipe and a particular set of resources are required. A set of resources / items / images / bonuses is not static and will be regularly updated. The recipes may change as well.

Creating / buying / selling items

To create any item, you need the appropriate recipe. After crafting, the player receives the named resources / items / bonuses that can then either be used or sold.

Any item from the inventory can be put for sale by specifying the number of units for sale and the cost of a unit. You can buy items by selecting the appropriate option and specifying the desired quantity and the cost at which you are ready to buy it. If there is item in your inventory, you can add it to a table for placing a purchase announcement by selecting it from the Encyclopedia.

In addition, you can sell / buy any item in the market. In the market, you can browse the offers of all players in the system. The in-game economy is completely based on free market principles, and players are absolutely free to set prices for items.

To craft items from a recipe, either use a bonus, or create a sticker, you need to click the “Activate” button. Afterward, one unit of the corresponding item will be spent and the necessary action will be performed.

Attention! Only players with a Post Rank of 2 or higher can buy items. The sale is carried out without restrictions.

The price set for selling or purchasing an item must not be lower than 25% of the item’s minimum cost indicated in the Encyclopedia. If you set your offer for selling or purchasing an item below the specified price, it will be corrected automatically.

If you have found an inaccurate or erroneous translation of the website interface elements, please let us know: @GrandGames
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