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Scorpion Solitaire

Fold all the cards by suit from kings to aces, following certain rules for moving cards between columns and piles

Scorpion Solitaire uses one deck of 52 cards. Cards are laid out in 7 piles, some of them face down. The goal of the game is to stack all the cards by suit from kings to aces. Cards can be dragged not only one at a time, but also in piles. You can put cards and piles only on cards of the same suit, but one higher in value. In the classic version of the scorpion, only kings can be placed in empty columns, however, in this section, a simpler version is more often used, where any cards are allowed. There are several modifications of solitaire.

The double scorpion uses two decks of cards, which are laid out in 10 rows, like in a spider.

In a simplified Scorpio, as well as in a variant with two suits, it is permissible to put any cards in empty cells, not just kings.

Standard and double placed converge quite rarely.

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