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Вебмастерам и владельцам сайтов

Any owner of a blog, forum or any other website is completely free to host for website our puzzles using the iFrame technology. For any page with puzzles, there is a simplified version without any secondary elements that can be placed in a frame. For the code you specify in the form the full address of the desired page and press OK, if desired, you can modify additional settings. Below you will get the embed code and see how it will look in the frame.

in addition, You can become our partner and receive additional opportunities for integrating the puzzles, such as the ability to change the look of Your design. To do this, write the support, putting contacts, the name of the site and telling exactly how You want to use our puzzles.

Code Generator

Width: Height: Partner ID:


Place the following code after the main code of the call. If you call several GrandGames widgets on one page, then this code should only be specified once after the last call.

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Пример интеграции: раздел игр на сайте "Клопс" (новостной портал Калининграда):
Рейтинг игроков сайта "Клопс"
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