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Missions - Multi-sudoku

Quick Sudoku

2020-05-29   B8831388   Stages6
T26 B10 S1 G5

Multistate 9x9

2020-05-29   B8831388   Stages6
T15 B9 S2 G4

Sudoku for all

2020-05-29   B8831388   Stages6
T21 B10 S0 G4

Solve Sudoku

2020-05-29   B8831388   Stages6
T7 B5 S3 G4

Simple Multispoke

2020-05-29   B8831388   Stages6
T10 B11 S1 G6

Tabldotu X5, part 1

2020-02-10   _gst6907763   Stages6
T12 B2 S1 G14

Tabldotu X5, part 2

2020-02-10   _gst6907763   Stages8
T3 B0 S2 G16

Sudoku Drop 2

2019-12-07   B8831388   Stages25
T23 B14 S0 G6

Reasons to love Sudoku

2019-04-16   Bruno   Stages12
T87 B8 S7 G34

Multistake - construction accident

2019-04-02   Lysva   Stages18
T41 B8 S3 G11

Feel like a Samurai

2019-03-23   richik   Stages32
T33 B3 S2 G8

World of Sudoku

2019-02-10   richik   Stages26
T95 B10 S2 G6

Way Of The Samurai

2018-11-25   Memo   Stages54
T139 B7 S7 G9

Hardcore multi-Sudoku

2018-11-25   Memo   Stages24
T58 B4 S14 G11


2018-11-20   Memo   Stages10
T193 B16 S9 G20
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