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For the project's twelfth anniversary...

GrandGames Admin
! #602076   2023-11-29 18:52
For the project's twelfth anniversary, we released a major UX/UI update

In the site design, we got rid of unnecessary lines, frames and blocks, and improved the quality of page design. The central panel on most modern screens with a width of 1600 pixels or more has become slightly wider, which allows you to play comfortably without the need to switch to full-screen or widescreen mode in more puzzles. For low-resolution screens, the right panel has been given higher display priority than the left. It now has a quick access block with the ability to add exactly those sections of the site that you use most often, which minimizes the need to access the menu.


The amount of advertising on pages was significantly reduced, and the main top block was removed from almost all pages. Compared to other resources on similar topics, we keep the number of advertising inserts to a minimum. We remind you that it is thanks to advertising that the site can continue to exist and be free for everyone. Therefore, if you use blockers, please disable them.

The main theme of the site, used by default, has become a little darker and has a pleasant marine tint.


There are also two more alternative formatting options. With the “sun” icon - with lighter colors identical to those used in modern applications, as well as night - with an inverse or darkened display of some elements and a dark, close to black design.




We continue to refine and transfer sections of puzzles to a modular system. This, firstly, improves the usability of the game, at least by adding a full-screen mode and the ability to scroll, since the game occupies the entire visible area. Secondly, it will allow us to implement previously unavailable functionality, port games to other platforms, outside the framework of GrandGames, and will also bring closer the launch of a new website and mobile application that work incredibly fast and do not require a constant connection to the Internet.


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NATAKAPA Online 55 Solver Rank  2023-11-29 18:59 + 4
Спасибо. aplod
Vovka. 47 Solver Rank  2023-11-29 19:03 + 4
Blbbzk 45 Solver Rank  2023-11-29 19:17 + 4
t98743235 52 Solver Rank  2023-11-29 20:03 + 4
olenenok 50 Solver Rank  2023-11-29 20:15 + 4
А я покритикую - вот этот банер рекламный сбоку теперь не дает видеть без прокрутки свои данные и на красненькую кнопку мышкой того и гляди нажмешь , раньше он стоял нормально
Blbbzk 45 Solver Rank  2023-11-29 20:41 + 3
А я при оценивании головоломки не вижу выделился смайлик или нет, раньше четко выделялся.
s3777 43 Solver Rank  2023-11-29 22:45 + 4
Теперь видно смайлики, спасибо !
GingerMartian Online 50 Solver Rank  2023-11-30 00:11 + 4
Спасибо! solnce
LauraMenshikova Online 53 Solver Rank  2023-11-30 02:37 + 5
Спасибо большое!!! thank-you rose
Oxania Online 49 Solver Rank  2023-12-02 15:45 + 3
У меня в браузере Safari не работают пасьянсы (любые) после последних обновлений. В других браузерах работают. Вот что я вижу, открывая, например, косынку.
luda123 42 Solver Rank  2023-12-05 14:49 + 2
В классических пазлах отсутствует возможность увеличения фрагментов
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