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Missions for the puzzle «Sokoban»


2021-08-23   Vi2   Stages6
T68 B3 S2 G7

David Skinner - sokoban for dummies

2021-02-27   ovawiss   Stages18
T38 B4 S4 G9

Labyrinths of the Dark Tower

2021-02-16   Vi2   Stages54
T21 B0 S0 G3

Dark Tower Floors

2021-02-13   Vi2   Stages25
T18 B1 S0 G4

With three drawers - final

2021-02-10   Vi2   Stages26
T11 B1 S1 G3

With three drawers - part 2

2021-02-10   Vi2   Stages66
T9 B1 S1 G4

With three drawers

2021-02-09   Vi2   Stages72
T15 B1 S1 G4

With two drawers

2021-02-09   Vi2   Stages40
T12 B1 S2 G6

With one drawer

2021-02-07   Vi2   Stages6
T16 B7 S7 G7

Sokoban Mega

2021-01-31   Support   Stages1000
T36 B1 S2 G7

Sokoban: Training mission

2020-05-10   Memo   Stages12
T174 B39 S18 G34

Sokoban easy

2019-12-12   Kyiv   Stages7
T100 B0 S8 G75
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