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The requirements for stickers

  1. Height 256-512 pixels (any width)
  2. PNG Format necessarily transparent background

The recipe is entered as a string. First is the code (the name from the address bar of the browser) component followed by a space then the number. A comma following component.

such as iron 5, magicpotion 10, 1 knife, cuprum 3 correspond to the 5 iron, 10 magic potions, 1 knife and 3 dynacam copper. The requirement for the prescription sticker:

  1. The prescription sticker should only be crafting and custom items. No basic resources, no recipes, no boosters, no bonuses impossible to use.
  2. The total mass resources should be within the range from 500 up to 100,000
  3. From 5 to 15 different components
  4. Must be at least a minimal logical connection between what is depicted on the sticker and its components. My thoughts on the component selection, if the connection is not obvious, you can write in comments to the subject.

Requirements for user items

  1. The image quality should be the uploaded icon in PNG format 32x32 with transparent background
  2. The Name of no more than two words
  3. Total cost resources should be within the range from 10 up to 100 000.
  4. From 2 to 15 different components
  5. In the craft and custom items

to Approve the publication of the subject in the encyclopedia can only administration. Before adding please read this manual thoroughly and consider the feasibility of adding items and recipes. After adding change the subject will not be carefully check the entered data before sending. Add a lot of things, wait until will be tested the rest of your application.

publication of the proposed items is not guaranteed. The administration has the right to publish or to remove any added subject matter at its discretion without explanation.

Authorisation required!

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