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Missions for the puzzle «Hitori»

Ore Hitori

2019-06-08   Bruno   Stages50
T22 B0 S4 G23

Rubin Hitori

2019-05-24   Bruno   Stages55
T31 B2 S4 G17

Sapphire Hitori

2019-05-24   Bruno   Stages65
T26 B2 S3 G19

Persian Gulf Hitori

2019-05-22   Bruno   Stages55
T17 B0 S2 G17

Hitori Pure Emerald

2019-05-21   Bruno   Stages60
T15 B3 S1 G20

Hitori Water

2019-05-21   Bruno   Stages69
T17 B3 S7 G19

Hitori - the Twelve chairs

2019-04-09   Lysva   Stages10
T24 B6 S7 G29

Tricks Hitori

2019-04-09   Bruno   Stages10
T10 B1 S8 G48

Solve Hitori

2019-03-23   belyak62   Stages6
T19 B5 S5 G71
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