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Missions for the puzzle «Shifters Puzzles»


2023-03-11   AliciaLial   Stages15
T72 B13 S2 G4

Rain in Anime

2023-01-02   AliciaLial   Stages20
T85 B14 S9 G10

Walking in the Rain - 2

2022-12-22   AliciaLial   Stages24
T77 B12 S5 G5

Walking in the Rain

2022-10-30   AliciaLial   Stages24
T64 B7 S1 G4

Любимые цвета

2022-10-02   AliciaLial   Stages40
T60 B8 S4 G5


2022-09-18   AliciaLial   Stages18
T65 B6 S2 G4

Искусственные вещи

2022-01-11   nettaly   Stages10
T52 B39 S7 G8

Переворот солнца

2021-12-22   nettaly   Stages12
T26 B0 S2 G51

Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles

2020-12-27   B8831388   Stages6
T9 B11 S16 G12

Upside Down Puzzles Coto Painting

2020-11-08   B8831388   Stages6
T9 B8 S16 G12

pazli-perevertishi tsveti

2020-08-27   B8831388   Stages6
T16 B15 S7 G12

pazli-perevertishi pejzazh

2020-08-25   B8831388   Stages6
T5 B11 S4 G19

Puzzles-Pattern shifters -2

2020-08-11   B8831388   Stages6
T12 B5 S14 G19

Puzzles-Pattern shifters

2020-08-11   B8831388   Stages6
T10 B8 S12 G15
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