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Oklahoma City
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September 10
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2021-09-22 20:35
2018-09-12 22:36
37 39.3%
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wwotp Online 11 37 Solver Rank
! /multisudoku/id267439   2021-05-01 22:35
Please add more cross puzzles!! I love them and I've done all of them. Many were duplicates with different puzzle numbers... don't do that anymore. I remember them. But, these are the most challenging to me.

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wwotp Online 11 37 Solver Rank
! /craft/info/r_cc_doubler   2021-04-02 01:10
How do I use the doubler? Do I make it first, or the tip in order to make 30 coins from one tip? Doesn't make sense to double the 3 coins for a tip, when it costs 30 coins to make a single tip turn into 2 tips, when you say x30.

Does that mean I need 33 coins, 3 to make the first tip, and then make the doubler work to multiply times 30....

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GingerMartian Online 44 Solver Rank  2021-04-02 01:25 + 1
@wwotp, you need to have 30 pieces of Energy, one Book, and 30 Craft Coins (if you have enough, the recipe pieces stop being transparent and turn white). Then you hit "Activate" to activate the recipe. Afterward, you'll have a booster (Doubler), whcih you will have to activate separately. As soon as you activate the booster, you'll have 8 hours to use it (the deadline for the booster is displatyed on the panel next to the bookmarks)
GingerMartian Online 44 Solver Rank  2021-04-02 01:31 + 1
First you'll need to do this (as you can see, I don't have enough Energy right now)


(click on the spoiler to see the picture)

Then this

And you'll have 8 hours of the booster's worth
wwotp Online 11 37 Solver Rank
! /windoku/id236222   2021-02-03 10:52
Take 8 in lower left, 5 lower right, 9 is alone in second row. Unsolvable?

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wwotp Online 11 37 Solver Rank
! /multisudoku/id176094   2020-06-30 09:41
Ok, I open a puzzle, the timer is already somewhere up in the thousands of minutes. What gives?

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GingerMartian Online 44 Solver Rank  2020-06-30 13:02 + 2
You must have opened this puzzle before. According to the new rules, the clock starts ticking from the moment you open the puzzle for the first time. So if you open it today, play for a couple of minutes, then close and continue tomorrow, it will count as several hours. I suggest planning your time carefully when approaching complex puzzles to solve them in one sitting :)
wwotp Online 37 Solver Rank  2020-07-02 06:26 + 5
When I open a puzzle, and then do nothing because of a house call, I back out without touching the puzzle. Then when I go back in, days later, it's in the thousands.

I liked the old rules as a housewife...

The new rules suck. LOL
GingerMartian Online 44 Solver Rank  2020-07-02 06:33 + 4
I understand your frustration, but, unfortunately, there's nothing we can do about it :( After all, the timer only matters if you participate in tournaments.
wwotp Online 11 37 Solver Rank
! /belpuzzles/id42223   2020-06-02 03:29
Not enough stone pieces, too many wood pieces, and a couple of odd pieces

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wwotp Online 11 37 Solver Rank
! /craft/info/allnothing   2020-03-14 23:57
I have no idea what this or the BPN are for, what they do, or how to use them.

My translator isn't translating the comments. I use FireFox. Any ideas why it will translate controls, menus, most instructions for games, and most of the encyclopedia, but not comments?

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Support Admin  2020-03-15 00:15 + 0
wwotp Online 11 37 Solver Rank
! /puzzles/id102058   2020-02-06 01:17
How did my clock stop at 2 secs? I know I took at least 2 minutes.

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wwotp Online 11 37 Solver Rank
! /craft/info/kurt   2020-01-22 05:07
Who is Kurt Cobain?

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Vovka 32 Solver Rank  2020-01-22 05:31 + 4
You really don't know?
wwotp Online 11 37 Solver Rank
! #310411   2019-03-29 07:47
I'd like to know how to activate codes, what they do, and whether I get the fuel in the code, or if I'm giving the fuel to someone and getting something from them....

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Support Admin  2019-03-29 07:57 + 0
Lena2020 48 Solver Rank  2019-03-29 08:03 + 0
I type the words "how to activate codes" in the search field on the site, you can find everythingvverh
wwotp Online 11 37 Solver Rank
! /craft/info/r_cement5x   2019-02-07 10:51
I would love more understandable instructions... What does store do? Save? I'm afraid I'll do the wrong thing and lose stuff.

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nettaly Last login: 2021-08-18 12:19:56 51 Solver Rank  2019-02-07 10:59 + 0
As far as I see - yes, the store is aimed to keep your items.

The instruction article is in Russian - could you translate it in some automatic way?
(Right now I have no time to do that... Probably later :) )
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