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Missions - Filipino Crosswords

филиппинские чудеса

2021-12-19   gvinoksi   Stages7
T52 B25 S7 G7

Filipino Bull

2020-12-28   olenenok   Stages11
T52 B12 S6 G7

Sapphires Philippines

2019-12-18   anikina   Stages109
T66 B7 S1 G5

Rubies Of The Philippines

2019-12-18   anikina   Stages101
T37 B7 S3 G7

Emeralds Of The Philippines

2019-12-17   anikina   Stages107
T33 B5 S1 G6

Philippine coal

2019-12-17   anikina   Stages107
T17 B5 S0 G5

Filipino Christmas

2019-12-15   olenenok   Stages14
T27 B14 S7 G17

Philippine mini zoo

2019-12-14   B8831388   Stages25
T37 B5 S10 G15

Philippine clay

2019-12-14   anikina   Stages102
T19 B7 S1 G3

Happy birthday Filipino

2019-11-26   olenenok   Stages19
T20 B4 S3 G9

Mushrooms in the Philippine forest

2019-10-31   olenenok   Stages22
T37 B20 S6 G8

Philippine Apple

2019-10-23   olenenok   Stages28
T31 B6 S5 G5

Philippine oil

2019-06-09   anikina   Stages106
T33 B8 S1 G7

Philippine stone

2019-06-08   anikina   Stages105
T49 B9 S2 G4

Philippine water

2019-05-30   anikina   Stages96
T66 B10 S2 G3

Philippine ore

2019-05-27   anikina   Stages98
T43 B12 S1 G7

Philippine flowers

2019-05-14   anikina   Stages18
T63 B25 S4 G10

Horses and only horses

2019-05-08   anikina   Stages20
T64 B17 S4 G7

Filipino anglers

2019-03-31   Lysva   Stages8
T32 B18 S11 G13

All to the Philippines

2019-03-30   Bruno   Stages14
T56 B4 S13 G37

Philippine spring

2019-03-07   olenenok   Stages27
T87 B18 S2 G5

Philippine New year

2018-12-28   olenenok   Stages49
T202 B20 S7 G3

Learning Filipino crosswords

2018-12-19   Memo   Stages6
T132 B39 S59 G83
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