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Missions for the puzzle «Light Up»

Electricity 220W

2020-11-04   Whiskas   Stages6
T29 B3 S2 G12

Light does not happen much

2020-06-24   Mega-pazl   Stages13
T44 B3 S3 G6

Shine the light. Drop x2.

2019-12-05   _gst6907763   Stages25
T23 B2 S5 G12

Shine the light. Drop x1.

2019-12-05   _gst6907763   Stages25
T27 B2 S4 G20

Light light Drop 4

2019-12-04   B8831388   Stages24
T16 B6 S3 G12


2019-05-28   Arny010   Stages6
T18 B4 S3 G45

Short light up

2019-05-20   milutin03   Stages6
T35 B5 S4 G20

Mission Hard Light Up

2019-05-17   Lysva   Stages18
T40 B6 S4 G10

Easy Profit LightUp

2019-04-11   Arny010   Stages9
T24 B5 S7 G45

Super Fun Light Up Mission

2019-04-11   MusicShockMan   Stages10
T43 B8 S1 G28

Candles with Atlantis

2019-04-01   Bruno   Stages13
T37 B4 S5 G44

Shine the light - Electricity

2019-03-30   Lysva   Stages14
T41 B8 S3 G16

Shine brighter

2019-03-23   richik   Stages14
T23 B4 S5 G19

Light easy

2019-03-23   nettaly   Stages6
T22 B0 S0 G83

Hard LightUP

2019-03-04   Support   Stages18
T58 B5 S2 G14

Lights - training

2018-12-19   Memo   Stages6
T272 B29 S34 G100

Lord of light

2018-12-19   Memo   Stages30
T66 B1 S8 G22
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