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Solitaire - Missions

Terracotta rug 36

2019-06-24   nettaly   Stages9
T57 B36 S10 G13

Lightweight scarf

2019-06-23   nettaly   Stages32
T72 B21 S12 G16

Ukrainian solitaire

2019-05-15   nettaly   Stages18
T58 B9 S4 G8

Three cards

2019-05-13   nettaly   Stages20
T97 B2 S2 G4

The map on the scarf

2019-05-12   nettaly   Stages20
T72 B8 S4 G9

The Ukrainian crystal

2019-05-12   nettaly   Stages19
T47 B5 S3 G8


2019-05-11   nettaly   Stages20
T67 B16 S9 G19

Stone crystal

2019-05-11   nettaly   Stages18
T63 B8 S9 G13

Simple Scorpio

2018-12-23   richik   Stages25
T93 B32 S6 G14
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