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Chess960 online

The rules of this game were offered by the American grandmaster Robert Fisher. Fisher's version of chess is known as Chess960.

The initial placement of the pieces, with the exception of pawns, is chosen randomly for each game, but the following conditions have to be met:

  • The king has to be placed between the rooks.
  • Bishops take the fields of different colors.
  • The arrangement of black and white figures is mirror-symmetric, as in the classical rules of chess.

Castling is carried out according to the following rules: the rook and the king are transferred to those fields where they would stand in a traditional chess game, regardless of their current position. With this, the king, as well as all the fields that it crosses, should not be under attack or occupied by another figure. If the king or rook has already made a move, then castling is no longer possible. If only one rook made a move, then castling cann be performed with the second rook

To perform castling, "0-0" and "0-0-0" buttons shoudl be used instead of switchign places bewteen the king and the rook.

On our site, you can play random Fisher chess online with a live opponent or with a bot.

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