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Missions - Polyomino Puzzles

Купание в проруби

2022-01-18   nettaly   Stages8
T99 B9 S36 G63

Ледяная купель

2022-01-18   nettaly   Stages19
T29 B2 S21 G52


2021-06-09   0208irina1204   Stages18
T66 B41 S27 G19


2021-06-07   0208irina1204   Stages12
T56 B42 S19 G12


2021-04-16   nettaly   Stages6
T33 B32 S22 G15


2021-04-16   nettaly   Stages6
T14 B14 S13 G10


2021-04-15   nettaly   Stages6
T16 B16 S18 G26


2021-04-06   nettaly   Stages12
T23 B24 S16 G19

Carrot cake day

2021-02-03   nettaly   Stages10
T12 B0 S13 G73

Switzerland to Polomino

2021-01-16   olenenok   Stages15
T39 B16 S16 G17

Burenka in Polimino

2020-12-23   olenenok   Stages16
T31 B29 S14 G14

Christmas tree in Polimino

2020-12-17   olenenok   Stages18
T54 B20 S26 G19

Winter in Polimino

2020-12-08   olenenok   Stages22
T55 B17 S16 G11

Pies in polyomino

2020-11-17   olenenok   Stages14
T28 B24 S17 G21

Polyomino puzzles for creative people

2020-11-15   Oxania   Stages10
T11 B34 S10 G19

Cats in Polymino

2020-11-13   olenenok   Stages19
T36 B22 S23 G17

Buffet Polimino

2020-11-08   olenenok   Stages14
T32 B29 S21 G18

Lunch with polyomino

2020-11-08   olenenok   Stages25
T41 B22 S17 G15

Grape polyomino

2020-11-03   olenenok   Stages27
T46 B25 S9 G14

Polyomino Autumn Third

2020-11-02   olenenok   Stages24
T33 B13 S13 G13

Polyomino Autumn Second

2020-10-24   olenenok   Stages21
T64 B20 S8 G13

Polyomino Autumn First

2020-10-15   olenenok   Stages24
T50 B18 S16 G15

Watermelon polyomino

2020-10-14   olenenok   Stages22
T45 B18 S14 G16
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