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Missions - Belarus Puzzles


2022-11-15   AliciaLial   Stages11
T28 B10 S2 G0

Белорусская вода

2021-04-15   nettaly   Stages6
T19 B4 S23 G22

Belarusian pizza

2021-02-09   nettaly   Stages15
T36 B8 S4 G10

Belarusian rain

2021-02-04   nettaly   Stages8
T40 B18 S2 G7

Long live Belarus

2020-11-15   B8831388   Stages8
T17 B13 S6 G14

Sailboats-2, belpassi without numbers

2020-07-18   _gst6907763   Stages7
T22 B0 S4 G13

Sailboats-1, belpassi without numbers

2020-07-18   _gst6907763   Stages17
T18 B0 S7 G29

Ice cream Belpasso

2020-05-25   olenenok   Stages13
T20 B19 S4 G11

Summer in Belarusian puzzles

2020-05-24   olenenok   Stages16
T33 B9 S3 G8

On mountain roads - 1. Belpassi

2020-04-21   _gst6907763   Stages7
T17 B0 S4 G39

On mountain roads - 2. Belpassi.

2020-04-21   _gst6907763   Stages9
T14 B0 S4 G33


2020-04-04   nettaly   Stages6
T33 B13 S5 G10

Straw hat Belpassi

2020-01-25   olenenok   Stages12
T13 B13 S6 G14

Hot drinks - 1. Belpassi.

2020-01-19   _gst6907763   Stages7
T9 B0 S2 G42

Hot drinks - 2. Belpassi.

2020-01-19   _gst6907763   Stages9
T17 B0 S3 G32

Hot drinks - 3. Belpassi.

2020-01-19   _gst6907763   Stages6
T17 B0 S3 G17

The Mixed Belarusian Puzzles

2020-01-18   B8831388   Stages12
T8 B9 S2 G15

City, from inside and outside

2020-01-17   B8831388   Stages12
T13 B4 S2 G16

Genre scenes

2020-01-17   B8831388   Stages12
T21 B14 S2 G15

Animals in Belpasso

2020-01-17   B8831388   Stages12
T23 B9 S2 G13

Fractals and fantasy in Belpasso

2020-01-16   B8831388   Stages12
T13 B3 S3 G12

Still-lifes in Belpasso

2020-01-16   B8831388   Stages12
T12 B7 S3 G13

Landscapes Belpasso

2020-01-16   B8831388   Stages12
T12 B7 S4 G13
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