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Each mission is a sequence of from 6 to 90 puzzles. New puzzles are only opened if all the previous ones are solved.

For solving each puzzle the player is assigned a bronze (1 point), silver (2 points), or a gold (3 points) medal. Bronze medal – regardless of the solve time, silver and gold one – for the solving with a speed no less specified in the task.

To achieve the best results, each puzzle can be solved an unlimited number of times. Please note that missions use puzzles that already exist on the site, and there may be a situation where you have solved some of them before. For this reason, when you start solving another puzzle within the mission, if the site database already has this result saved, or a note about the solution, it will be deleted. Mission solve time is taken into account separately, so if you can't improve your results, the previous solve speed will remain.

After solving the last task, one of the medals will appear on your personal page. Gold medal – if you got gold star for all the puzzles, silver medal – if you scored at least 2*N points (N is the number of tasks) and bronze medal – in all other cases.

Missions have their entry price in game coins. For solving the mission with a bronze medal 20% of the coins are returned, with a silver one – 50%, with a gold one – 100%. Anyone can create the mission.

Missions under moderation can be solved for free, game coins will not be debited. Once someone has fully solved the mission, it will automatically be added to the catalog.

Show: Game:

Autumn 10x and 13x Part 2

2019-10-09   olenenok   Coins20   Stages79
T16 B0 S1 G0

Facts about animals

2019-10-05   nettaly   Coins20   Stages9
T18 B0 S2 G25

For beginners

2019-09-25   bakunkatya   Coins20   Stages20
T38 B2 S2 G1

Autumn in Belpasso and multi

2019-09-19   olenenok   Coins20   Stages54
T13 B2 S2 G1

Autumn in tag

2019-09-19   olenenok   Coins20   Stages76
T10 B0 S1 G0

Autumn 10x and 13x Part 1

2019-09-19   olenenok   Coins50   Stages120
T46 B0 S0 G1

Classic puzzle games Drop 1

2019-09-18   olenenok   Coins20   Stages100
T104 B5 S15 G4

Autumn classic puzzles.

2019-09-18   olenenok   Coins20   Stages18
T62 B5 S17 G7

Autumn in Polyominoes.

2019-09-18   olenenok   Coins20   Stages14
T33 B11 S15 G5

Stone parrots 2

2019-09-15   alex61   Coins20   Stages17
T14 B3 S1 G1

Stone попугаи1

2019-09-15   alex61   Coins20   Stages18
T4 B1 S2 G1


2019-09-13   Memo   Coins20   Stages48
T21 B1 S2 G3

Master polyominoes

2019-09-12   Memo   Coins20   Stages24
T30 B0 S0 G0

Get acquainted with the puzzles polyominoes

2019-09-12   Memo   Coins20   Stages12
T49 B18 S10 G2


2019-09-05   Kyiv   Coins20   Stages6
T45 B0 S4 G1

BW Japanese from Tverianka

2019-08-31   kateLit   Coins20   Stages18
T56 B10 S4 G3


2019-08-25   alex61   Coins20   Stages17
T15 B1 S2 G2


2019-08-25   alex61   Coins20   Stages17
T11 B2 S2 G2

Parrots-sea water

2019-08-25   alex61   Coins20   Stages22
T18 B1 S3 G2


2019-08-24   alex61   Coins20   Stages15
T7 B0 S2 G3


2019-08-24   alex61   Coins20   Stages16
T5 B1 S2 G3


2019-08-24   alex61   Coins20   Stages20
T8 B1 S2 G2


2019-08-24   alex61   Coins20   Stages25
T4 B0 S3 G1

Parrots-red кристаллы2

2019-08-24   alex61   Coins20   Stages13
T3 B1 S1 G2

Parrots-red crystals

2019-08-24   alex61   Coins20   Stages15
T5 B3 S2 G3

Parrots-green crystals

2019-08-24   alex61   Coins20   Stages24
T5 B0 S2 G2

Parrots-blue crystally

2019-08-24   alex61   Coins20   Stages20
T15 B0 S3 G3

Mysterious DWARF

2019-08-22   DWARF   Coins20   Stages10
T41 B9 S10 G10

Gifts for all

2019-08-16   Kyiv   Coins20   Stages6
T10 B12 S3 G10

Sandy tag, no numbers.

2019-08-06   _gst6907763   Coins20   Stages13
T22 B0 S2 G2

Animal world

2019-07-27   domnikova   Coins20   Stages6
T107 B12 S29 G60

Day of the seafarer 10x

2019-07-25   nettaly   Coins20   Stages18
T52 B0 S32 G13

Sea and rocks -1. Puzzles 13x, 10x.

2019-07-17   _gst6907763   Coins20   Stages11
T118 B1 S12 G66

The coast - 3. Puzzles 13x, 10x.

2019-07-16   _gst6907763   Coins20   Stages16
T62 B1 S11 G37

Sea and rocks -2. Puzzles 10x, 13x.

2019-07-16   _gst6907763   Coins20   Stages12
T62 B0 S2 G42

Space flight 10x

2019-07-16   nettaly   Coins20   Stages20
T47 B3 S17 G15

Hot dogs and salads

2019-07-15   nettaly   Coins20   Stages10
T44 B1 S14 G41

The trip to England

2019-07-12   nettaly   Coins20   Stages11
T79 B2 S35 G23


2019-07-12   nettaly   Coins20   Stages9
T37 B9 S8 G8

The people on Board

2019-07-11   nettaly   Coins20   Stages30
T30 B7 S4 G14

Streets and courtyards -1. Puzzles 10x, 13x.

2019-07-11   _gst6907763   Coins20   Stages12
T120 B1 S21 G47

Streets and courtyards - 2. Puzzles 13x, 10x

2019-07-10   _gst6907763   Coins20   Stages11
T119 B4 S20 G33

Wild cats. Tag without the numbers, 4x4.

2019-07-10   _gst6907763   Coins20   Stages49
T17 B0 S1 G2

Beauty in the flesh

2019-07-10   viverna   Coins20   Stages7
T69 B11 S32 G15


2019-07-09   dos   Coins20   Stages6
T92 B15 S21 G46

various waterfalls

2019-07-09   viverna   Coins20   Stages10
T23 B8 S6 G7

Animal puzzle

2019-07-06   Dmitriq15777   Coins20   Stages10
T106 B4 S23 G49


2019-07-04   Kyiv   Coins20   Stages6
T24 B12 S13 G10

Cat vs dog 10x

2019-07-02   nettaly   Coins20   Stages17
T99 B4 S24 G38

Three actors

2019-07-01   nettaly   Coins20   Stages15
T99 B16 S8 G12

Three cats

2019-07-01   nettaly   Coins20   Stages11
T90 B14 S4 G16


2019-06-27   nettaly   Coins20   Stages17
T12 B3 S0 G2

Fishing 13kh

2019-06-25   nettaly   Coins20   Stages8
T49 B5 S10 G30

All the familiar faces

2019-06-25   nettaly   Coins20   Stages9
T25 B8 S5 G8


2019-06-25   nettaly   Coins20   Stages8
T55 B8 S7 G6

Granny chestnut

2019-06-25   Kyiv   Coins20   Stages6
T16 B13 S5 G9


2019-06-25   nettaly   Coins20   Stages16
T32 B8 S2 G7

Boats and Islands

2019-06-25   nettaly   Coins20   Stages9
T86 B24 S21 G21

Terracotta rug 36

2019-06-24   nettaly   Coins20   Stages9
T23 B17 S4 G4

Lightweight scarf

2019-06-23   nettaly   Coins20   Stages32
T32 B7 S7 G9

The rays of the sun

2019-06-22   nettaly   Coins20   Stages8
T53 B7 S2 G8

Fifteen elephants 10x

2019-06-20   nettaly   Coins20   Stages15
T62 B1 S23 G14

Vague tag, no numbers, 5x5 and 6x6.

2019-06-20   _gst6907763   Coins20   Stages10
T8 B1 S1 G7

Maps, devices the horizon. Puzzles 10x, 13x

2019-06-20   _gst6907763   Coins20   Stages14
T41 B0 S6 G38

Memory quotes

2019-06-20   nettaly   Coins20   Stages18
T50 B18 S8 G14

Three oranges

2019-06-19   nettaly   Coins20   Stages15
T130 B5 S22 G18

Coast-2. Puzzles 10x, 13x.

2019-06-18   _gst6907763   Coins20   Stages12
T134 B2 S5 G54

Coast. Puzzles 13x, 10x.

2019-06-18   _gst6907763   Coins20   Stages13
T85 B0 S4 G53

The force of attraction

2019-06-18   anikina   Coins20   Stages15
T13 B4 S11 G10

Crystal orchids

2019-06-16   alex61   Coins20   Stages40
T14 B1 S0 G1

With flowers. Tag without numbers 5x5.

2019-06-14   _gst6907763   Coins20   Stages21
T10 B0 S0 G5

Game память2

2019-06-14   Kyiv   Coins20   Stages7
T17 B12 S7 G7

Oil guess

2019-06-14   anikina   Coins20   Stages57
T30 B4 S2 G5

Black gold Shanghai

2019-06-14   anikina   Coins20   Stages35
T8 B2 S4 G4

Tag 3x3 cats in Chinese painting

2019-06-13   bavius   Coins20   Stages27
T8 B1 S1 G5

Road-2. Tag without numbers 5x5 and 6x6.

2019-06-13   _gst6907763   Coins20   Stages15
T8 B0 S1 G3

Road. Tag without numbers 5x5.

2019-06-13   _gst6907763   Coins20   Stages20
T9 B0 S2 G3

Road. Puzzles 10x and 13x.

2019-06-13   _gst6907763   Coins20   Stages18
T59 B0 S4 G52

All about Vultures

2019-06-12   anikina   Coins20   Stages45
T20 B4 S4 G5

Memory game

2019-06-12   Kyiv   Coins20   Stages7
T24 B21 S13 G21

The puzzles are not moderated

2019-06-10   20815ISKORKA   Coins20   Stages7
T120 B0 S6 G0


2019-06-09   anikina   Coins20   Stages12
T14 B4 S6 G27

Philippine oil

2019-06-09   anikina   Coins20   Stages106
T20 B5 S2 G3

Ore Hitori

2019-06-08   Bruno   Coins20   Stages50
T8 B0 S2 G8

Philippine stone

2019-06-08   anikina   Coins20   Stages105
T27 B5 S2 G1

Sea water

2019-06-03   Kyiv   Coins20   Stages16
T14 B0 S1 G3


2019-06-03   dos   Coins20   Stages6
T66 B7 S12 G52

Coloring pages easy

2019-06-02   Kyiv   Coins20   Stages10
T23 B0 S1 G7

The simplest

2019-06-01   vsv240676   Coins20   Stages9
T15 B7 S4 G41

The Shanghai water

2019-05-31   anikina   Coins20   Stages49
T22 B5 S3 G5

Philippine water

2019-05-30   anikina   Coins20   Stages96
T35 B8 S1 G2

Emeralds from Shanghai

2019-05-29   anikina   Coins20   Stages35
T28 B4 S2 G7


2019-05-28   Arny010   Coins20   Stages6
T15 B3 S1 G25


2019-05-28   smalik   Coins20   Stages15
T38 B5 S5 G10

Philippine ore

2019-05-27   anikina   Coins20   Stages98
T25 B8 S1 G4

Ore guess

2019-05-27   anikina   Coins20   Stages29
T40 B4 S4 G13

Someone watering, someone tea

2019-05-24   anikina   Coins20   Stages50
T17 B6 S5 G8


2019-05-24   anikina   Coins20   Stages43
T21 B8 S3 G8

Cap-cap ... guess ...

2019-05-24   anikina   Coins20   Stages33
T70 B6 S4 G13

Rubin Hitori

2019-05-24   Bruno   Coins20   Stages55
T18 B1 S2 G6

Sapphire Hitori

2019-05-24   Bruno   Coins20   Stages65
T18 B1 S1 G5

Jigsaw puzzles UMBRELLAS

2019-05-23   dos   Coins20   Stages6
T108 B17 S32 G60

Belarusian Coal

2019-05-23   Bruno   Coins20   Stages40
T19 B1 S3 G17

Belarusian Ore

2019-05-23   Bruno   Coins20   Stages43
T10 B2 S2 G15

Red Belpassi

2019-05-23   Bruno   Coins20   Stages40
T11 B1 S4 G16

Blue Belpassi

2019-05-23   Bruno   Coins20   Stages30
T21 B3 S2 G11

Belpassi Stone

2019-05-22   Bruno   Coins20   Stages43
T16 B1 S1 G16

Coal mining

2019-05-22   vsv240676   Coins20   Stages18
T19 B1 S1 G2

By the way, about the birds

2019-05-22   viverna   Coins20   Stages26
T47 B2 S7 G3

Charcoal tag

2019-05-22   anikina   Coins20   Stages72
T14 B0 S3 G3

Coal tag

2019-05-22   anikina   Coins20   Stages120
T8 B2 S6 G4

Persian Gulf Hitori

2019-05-22   Bruno   Coins20   Stages55
T13 B0 S1 G6

Clay tag

2019-05-22   anikina   Coins20   Stages99
T12 B2 S1 G2

Clay tag

2019-05-21   anikina   Coins20   Stages120
T4 B0 S5 G4

Hitori Pure Emerald

2019-05-21   Bruno   Coins20   Stages60
T8 B1 S1 G7

Green Belpassi

2019-05-21   Bruno   Coins20   Stages38
T11 B2 S1 G14

Ore tag

2019-05-21   anikina   Coins20   Stages65
T10 B1 S2 G3

Ore tag

2019-05-21   anikina   Coins20   Stages120
T11 B2 S6 G2

Hitori Water

2019-05-21   Bruno   Coins20   Stages69
T11 B1 S4 G9

Redness of the tag.

2019-05-21   anikina   Coins20   Stages88
T15 B0 S1 G1

Red crystals of the tag

2019-05-21   anikina   Coins20   Stages8
T5 B1 S1 G6

Red tag

2019-05-21   anikina   Coins20   Stages120
T8 B0 S4 G3

Blue tag

2019-05-21   anikina   Coins20   Stages80
T9 B0 S2 G1

Clay Belpassi

2019-05-21   Bruno   Coins20   Stages34
T12 B4 S3 G17

Blue tag

2019-05-21   anikina   Coins20   Stages120
T6 B0 S2 G4

Green tag

2019-05-20   anikina   Coins20   Stages91
T8 B0 S4 G2

Short light up

2019-05-20   milutin03   Coins20   Stages6
T17 B0 S3 G8

coffee for Breakfast

2019-05-20   viverna   Coins20   Stages18
T36 B1 S11 G9

Belarusian oil

2019-05-20   Bruno   Coins20   Stages50
T14 B1 S3 G11

Wave Belpasso

2019-05-20   Bruno   Coins20   Stages45
T8 B0 S2 G15

Green tag

2019-05-20   anikina   Coins20   Stages120
T5 B0 S5 G5

A large fountain

2019-05-20   Bruno   Coins20   Stages42
T21 B0 S2 G1

Stone tag

2019-05-19   anikina   Coins20   Stages57
T8 B0 S3 G4

Black gold

2019-05-19   Bruno   Coins20   Stages42
T13 B0 S2 G1

Stone tag

2019-05-19   anikina   Coins20   Stages120
T8 B1 S5 G4

Oil tag

2019-05-19   anikina   Coins20   Stages73
T6 B0 S2 G2

Oil tag

2019-05-19   anikina   Coins20   Stages120
T6 B0 S4 G2

The ocean tag

2019-05-19   anikina   Coins20   Stages66
T9 B1 S4 G3

Sea tag

2019-05-18   anikina   Coins20   Stages120
T10 B1 S3 G4

Horses go...

2019-05-17   Bruno   Coins20   Stages23
T51 B1 S6 G3

Mission Hard Light Up

2019-05-17   Lysva   Coins20   Stages18
T25 B1 S2 G3

Blue Mahjong

2019-05-17   nettaly   Coins20   Stages30
T21 B4 S12 G26

Numeric puzzle

2019-05-17   Bruno   Coins20   Stages18
T28 B2 S2 G4

Red Mahjong

2019-05-16   nettaly   Coins20   Stages30
T11 B7 S4 G20

Wedding Mahjong

2019-05-16   anikina   Coins20   Stages21
T9 B8 S9 G11

Green Mahjong

2019-05-16   nettaly   Coins20   Stages30
T14 B3 S5 G24

Oil Mahjong

2019-05-16   nettaly   Coins20   Stages30
T3 B1 S4 G22

Become a collector

2019-05-15   Tane4ka   Coins20   Stages22
T20 B3 S13 G8

The stone Mahjong

2019-05-15   nettaly   Coins20   Stages30
T12 B1 S4 G28

Stay tag, 4x4, without numbers.

2019-05-15   _gst6907763   Coins20   Stages18
T13 B0 S1 G9

Sea Mahjong

2019-05-15   nettaly   Coins20   Stages30
T16 B11 S10 G16

Animals in Belcross

2019-05-15   anikina   Coins20   Stages18
T39 B10 S5 G6

Philippine flowers

2019-05-14   anikina   Coins20   Stages18
T41 B17 S3 G5

Around the world. Asia

2019-05-14   Tane4ka   Coins20   Stages28
T41 B1 S8 G5


2019-05-14   anikina   Coins20   Stages18
T23 B6 S6 G17

Glass tag, 5x5, without numbers.

2019-05-14   _gst6907763   Coins20   Stages15
T8 B0 S0 G7

Three cards

2019-05-13   nettaly   Coins20   Stages20
T44 B1 S1 G1


2019-05-13   Bruno   Coins20   Stages18
T41 B2 S9 G4

Rainbow of life. Puzzles 13kh.

2019-05-12   _gst6907763   Coins20   Stages7
T118 B4 S12 G59

The map on the scarf

2019-05-12   nettaly   Coins20   Stages20
T27 B5 S2 G5

Butterfly Mahjong

2019-05-12   anikina   Coins20   Stages21
T27 B7 S7 G14

The Ukrainian crystal

2019-05-12   nettaly   Coins20   Stages19
T23 B3 S2 G2


2019-05-11   nettaly   Coins20   Stages20
T22 B8 S3 G11

Stone crystal

2019-05-11   nettaly   Coins20   Stages18
T25 B3 S5 G8

Photo electric flower, 10x

2019-05-10   riubowmin   Coins20   Stages13
T125 B4 S21 G18

Sports language is the same for all

2019-05-10   Tane4ka   Coins20   Stages19
T31 B2 S3 G3

Landscapes 10x

2019-05-09   nettaly   Coins20   Stages19
T106 B2 S15 G36

Watercolor landscapes 10x

2019-05-09   nettaly   Coins20   Stages20
T90 B1 S19 G13

Restart. Tag without numbers, 6x6.

2019-05-09   _gst6907763   Coins20   Stages23
T11 B0 S2 G6

Coal mine

2019-05-08   nettaly   Coins20   Stages20
T24 B2 S1 G3

Horses and only horses

2019-05-08   anikina   Coins20   Stages20
T37 B8 S3 G3

Mine number 15

2019-05-08   nettaly   Coins20   Stages20
T16 B3 S6 G9

Scarlet rose in Mahjong

2019-05-08   anikina   Coins20   Stages24
T21 B5 S12 G18

Red poppies 10x

2019-05-07   nettaly   Coins20   Stages23
T162 B4 S13 G27

Scottish spring 10x

2019-05-07   nettaly   Coins20   Stages18
T134 B3 S22 G38

Mahjong with a Lion

2019-05-07   anikina   Coins20   Stages18
T21 B6 S6 G12

Belarusian crystal

2019-05-06   nettaly   Coins20   Stages20
T29 B5 S5 G6


2019-05-06   nettaly   Coins20   Stages20
T24 B9 S15 G9

The strangest flowers

2019-05-05   riubowmin   Coins50   Stages11
T72 B24 S1 G1


2019-05-05   nettaly   Coins20   Stages18
T21 B6 S1 G5

Guess the snippet

2019-05-04   nettaly   Coins20   Stages18
T151 B16 S12 G26

Ancient gods on earth and in space

2019-05-04   _gst6907763   Coins50   Stages21
T62 B0 S3 G38

Puzzles with the sun 10x

2019-05-03   nettaly   Coins20   Stages23
T57 B3 S12 G36

Tag 6x6

2019-05-02   nettaly   Coins20   Stages20
T18 B2 S2 G3

Hope Strelkina 10x

2019-05-02   nettaly   Coins20   Stages20
T133 B8 S14 G22

Coloring pages flowers

2019-04-23   Kyiv   Coins20   Stages6
T50 B0 S4 G16

Bright Easter in the tag

2019-04-20   olenenok   Coins50   Stages25
T13 B3 S10 G5

Happy Easter in Belpasso and multi

2019-04-20   olenenok   Coins50   Stages39
T23 B8 S6 G10

Happy Easter 10x and 13x

2019-04-20   olenenok   Coins100   Stages71
T40 B0 S5 G15

Tea party with the Shifters

2019-04-17   Bruno   Coins20   Stages10
T37 B1 S5 G17

Reasons to love Sudoku

2019-04-16   Bruno   Coins20   Stages12
T77 B5 S4 G25


2019-04-15   dos   Coins20   Stages6
T242 B20 S42 G42

Twenty thousand leagues under the sea

2019-04-14   Tane4ka   Coins20   Stages15
T57 B7 S9 G8

Swing Mahjong

2019-04-13   anikina   Coins20   Stages30
T48 B9 S10 G9


2019-04-12   dos   Coins20   Stages6
T126 B4 S30 G56

Easy Profit LightUp

2019-04-11   Arny010   Coins20   Stages9
T15 B2 S5 G29

Super Fun Light Up Mission

2019-04-11   MusicShockMan   Coins20   Stages10
T27 B8 S1 G15


2019-04-10   marya2006mg   Coins20   Stages7
T18 B3 S4 G13


2019-04-10   dos   Coins20   Stages6
T185 B56 S16 G1

Hitori - the Twelve chairs

2019-04-09   Lysva   Coins20   Stages10
T20 B1 S3 G12

Clotworthy - Twelve chairs

2019-04-09   Lysva   Coins20   Stages15
T41 B3 S1 G9

Japanese mosaic - Twelve chairs

2019-04-09   Lysva   Coins20   Stages15
T73 B13 S9 G10

Tricks Hitori

2019-04-09   Bruno   Coins20   Stages10
T8 B0 S3 G20

The History Of Kakuro

2019-04-06   Bruno   Coins20   Stages8
T18 B3 S9 G25

Jigsaw puzzles butterfly

2019-04-04   dos   Coins20   Stages6
T253 B12 S50 G28

Jigsaw puzzles-WATCH

2019-04-04   dos   Coins20   Stages7
T139 B5 S30 G56


2019-04-03   marya2006mg   Coins20   Stages7
T21 B11 S4 G4

Kraft decides klocwork

2019-04-02   anikina   Coins50   Stages21
T25 B2 S3 G10

Multistake - construction accident

2019-04-02   Lysva   Coins50   Stages18
T31 B4 S4 G5

Operation April

2019-04-01   Integrator   Coins20   Stages11
T87 B8 S24 G17

Zurab Martiashvili

2019-04-01   dos   Coins50   Stages8
T69 B7 S16 G19

Candles with Atlantis

2019-04-01   Bruno   Coins20   Stages13
T25 B3 S6 G27

Multiply - Chief, all is lost

2019-04-01   Lysva   Coins50   Stages15
T20 B2 S8 G8

Changeling Alchemy

2019-04-01   Lysva   Coins20   Stages12
T38 B3 S9 G4

These eyes opposite

2019-03-31   Tane4ka   Coins20   Stages17
T314 B9 S30 G49

Filipino anglers

2019-03-31   Lysva   Coins20   Stages8
T23 B12 S9 G8

All to the Philippines

2019-03-30   Bruno   Coins20   Stages14
T32 B4 S9 G25

Coloring - Crafts

2019-03-30   Lysva   Coins20   Stages10
T23 B0 S0 G5

Mission Tag - sailing

2019-03-30   Lysva   Coins50   Stages19
T11 B1 S1 G4

Shine the light - Electricity

2019-03-30   Lysva   Coins50   Stages14
T26 B5 S2 G6

Mahjong All in the garden

2019-03-29   bavius   Coins20   Stages14
T13 B8 S20 G23

Colored pencils

2019-03-29   dos   Coins20   Stages8
T193 B6 S35 G43

Mahjong Cooking

2019-03-28   Lysva   Coins50   Stages20
T34 B5 S4 G2

Zodiac Japanese crosswords

2019-03-27   Bruno   Coins20   Stages12
T147 B6 S27 G15

Mahjong with a Kitten

2019-03-27   anikina   Coins20   Stages11
T34 B17 S13 G30

Bambi and his brothers

2019-03-26   Bruno   Coins20   Stages12
T43 B6 S8 G14

Bouquet for Tanya

2019-03-26   Bruno   Coins20   Stages12
T39 B0 S1 G9

Kakuro - All sizes - steel

2019-03-26   Lysva   Coins50   Stages28
T29 B6 S1 G4

Childhood favorite

2019-03-25   Tane4ka   Coins20   Stages17
T33 B0 S1 G4

Card treasures Mahjong

2019-03-25   richik   Coins20   Stages12
T11 B5 S6 G12

Josephine wall, multi-puzzles

2019-03-25   richik   Coins20   Stages25
T24 B7 S8 G8

Exquisite interiors 15

2019-03-25   Bruno   Coins20   Stages17
T17 B2 S6 G2


2019-03-25   Bruno   Coins20   Stages15
T56 B8 S12 G8

Solved clotworthy

2019-03-24   anikina   Coins50   Stages18
T40 B6 S2 G7

Merry men

2019-03-24   Bruno   Coins20   Stages19
T89 B11 S11 G8

Cascades Kakuro

2019-03-24   _gst6907763   Coins20   Stages8
T20 B3 S5 G29

Urban Belpassi

2019-03-24   Bruno   Coins20   Stages16
T21 B9 S13 G10

Feel like a Samurai

2019-03-23   richik   Coins100   Stages32
T18 B2 S4 G2

Looking up at the sky...

2019-03-23   _gst6907763   Coins20   Stages6
T12 B4 S7 G13

Fantastic and fabulous creatures

2019-03-23   Bruno   Coins20   Stages12
T40 B8 S15 G10

Shine brighter

2019-03-23   richik   Coins50   Stages14
T14 B3 S2 G9

Solve Hitori

2019-03-23   belyak62   Coins20   Stages6
T9 B2 S1 G28

Light easy

2019-03-23   nettaly   Coins20   Stages6
T14 B0 S0 G44


2019-03-22   nettaly   Coins20   Stages11
T11 B4 S4 G4

Saint Petersburg

2019-03-12   viverna   Coins20   Stages16
T71 B2 S24 G6

Around the world. In Australia

2019-03-08   Tane4ka   Coins20   Stages18
T31 B6 S18 G11

Spring Changeling

2019-03-07   olenenok   Coins50   Stages6
T45 B8 S0 G0

Spring is in belcross

2019-03-07   olenenok   Coins50   Stages16
T50 B7 S3 G7

Philippine spring

2019-03-07   olenenok   Coins50   Stages27
T60 B8 S2 G3

Spring is in the Yaks

2019-03-07   olenenok   Coins100   Stages28
T62 B1 S11 G5

fruit still life

2019-03-05   viverna   Coins20   Stages17
T286 B14 S51 G4

Tag on March 8

2019-03-04   olenenok   Coins50   Stages20
T21 B1 S6 G3

March 8 Belpassi

2019-03-04   olenenok   Coins50   Stages22
T35 B2 S4 G3

March 8, 10x and 13x

2019-03-04   olenenok   Coins100   Stages59
T67 B0 S9 G18

Hard LightUP

2019-03-04   Support   Coins20   Stages18
T45 B2 S1 G8

Carnival in Belpasso

2019-03-02   olenenok   Coins50   Stages26
T46 B5 S7 G7

Belarusian puzzles

2019-02-25   Kyiv   Coins20   Stages9
T35 B23 S12 G41

Cao Yong

2019-02-21   nettaly   Coins20   Stages8
T143 B15 S40 G42

Belarus 10x

2019-02-19   nettaly   Coins20   Stages15
T72 B4 S21 G30

Mahjong on phone

2019-02-15   Memo   Coins20   Stages54
T43 B5 S6 G15

Variety puzzles

2019-02-15   richik   Coins50   Stages30
T79 B6 S9 G1

Tag, practice

2019-02-14   richik   Coins20   Stages20
T30 B5 S3 G2


2019-02-14   Kyiv   Coins20   Stages9
T32 B40 S15 G38

Vitamin rainbow

2019-02-10   richik   Coins50   Stages21
T85 B6 S9 G3

World of Sudoku

2019-02-10   richik   Coins50   Stages26
T73 B5 S2 G5


2019-02-04   Makosh   Coins20   Stages9
T135 B20 S26 G14

Ruben Bore 13kh

2019-02-04   nettaly   Coins20   Stages6
T168 B12 S30 G43


2019-02-02   Kyiv   Coins20   Stages12
T14 B7 S0 G5

Painted dragons 10x

2019-02-01   nettaly   Coins20   Stages6
T224 B24 S37 G77

Eight dragons

2019-02-01   nettaly   Coins20   Stages8
T213 B36 S9 G8

Valentine's day in the Yaks

2019-02-01   olenenok   Coins100   Stages39
T101 B6 S7 G4

Valentine's day

2019-02-01   olenenok   Coins50   Stages33
T26 B4 S4 G3

Valentine's day 10x and 13x

2019-02-01   olenenok   Coins50   Stages60
T87 B0 S13 G11

Around the world. On airplanes and not only

2019-01-31   Tane4ka   Coins50   Stages20
T20 B2 S11 G4

Carnival 10x and 13x

2019-01-31   olenenok   Coins100   Stages57
T100 B0 S12 G12

So different Scorpio

2019-01-27   richik   Coins100   Stages14
T41 B2 S1 G2

The puzzles

2019-01-25   Kyiv   Coins20   Stages9
T32 B3 S1 G0

Alexander Averin 10x

2019-01-23   nettaly   Coins20   Stages12
T409 B12 S46 G39

Spices in spoons

2019-01-22   nettaly   Coins20   Stages13
T162 B2 S35 G59

Where is my big spoon

2019-01-22   nettaly   Coins20   Stages8
T115 B11 S33 G60

Ukraine is 10x

2019-01-22   nettaly   Coins20   Stages13
T99 B5 S31 G28

Around the world. Halt for lunch

2019-01-20   Tane4ka   Coins50   Stages14
T150 B4 S23 G50

Jane Maday - 2015 - 10x

2019-01-20   nettaly   Coins20   Stages7
T342 B7 S29 G59

Spring painting

2019-01-20   olenenok   Coins100   Stages67
T178 B1 S16 G12

Anastasia 10x

2019-01-20   nettaly   Coins20   Stages9
T219 B8 S18 G34

Ballet 10x

2019-01-18   nettaly   Coins20   Stages11
T106 B4 S16 G50

Hawaii 13kh

2019-01-18   nettaly   Coins20   Stages6
T363 B0 S10 G101

Winnie the Pooh 8x

2019-01-17   nettaly   Coins20   Stages14
T186 B0 S7 G80

Ruth Sanderson 10x

2019-01-17   nettaly   Coins20   Stages11
T419 B8 S45 G26

Shrimp 10x

2019-01-16   nettaly   Coins20   Stages29
T119 B2 S20 G29

Puzzles puzzles 10x

2019-01-16   nettaly   Coins20   Stages11
T143 B4 S23 G50

Around the world. Africa

2019-01-16   Tane4ka   Coins50   Stages23
T56 B3 S10 G3

Alla Shevchenko

2019-01-15   nettaly   Coins20   Stages6
T367 B14 S34 G37

Aimee Stewart

2019-01-14   nettaly   Coins20   Stages8
T211 B20 S13 G17


2019-01-14   nettaly   Coins20   Stages14
T334 B5 S29 G25

Tony Ryan

2019-01-14   nettaly   Coins20   Stages9
T162 B14 S16 G33

Mahjong for kids

2019-01-12   IglWin   Coins20   Stages9
T80 B5 S29 G56

Natalia Chaikina

2019-01-11   nettaly   Coins20   Stages6
T549 B3 S18 G71


2019-01-11   nettaly   Coins20   Stages19
T84 B0 S3 G49

Familiarity with Mahjong

2019-01-10   nettaly   Coins20   Stages10
T267 B26 S33 G62

Shanghai Mahjong

2019-01-09   olenenok   Coins20   Stages9
T251 B7 S36 G26

Fabrizio Caforio

2019-01-09   nettaly   Coins20   Stages9
T334 B5 S28 G71


2019-01-08   nettaly   Coins20   Stages15
T455 B7 S23 G39

Colored bars and lines

2018-12-31   belyak62   Coins20   Stages6
T131 B3 S54 G35

Christmas table setting 10x

2018-12-29   olenenok   Coins100   Stages69
T170 B0 S9 G12

Christmas table

2018-12-29   olenenok   Coins20   Stages22
T50 B11 S5 G8

Philippine New year

2018-12-28   olenenok   Coins50   Stages49
T153 B15 S6 G2

Christmas mosaic

2018-12-28   olenenok   Coins50   Stages14
T87 B16 S7 G7

The Year Of The Boar

2018-12-28   olenenok   Coins100   Stages56
T10 B0 S1 G2

Palace interiors

2018-12-27   nettaly   Coins20   Stages15
T161 B8 S29 G37


2018-12-26   nettaly   Coins20   Stages17
T316 B0 S27 G43

Linda Picken

2018-12-26   nettaly   Coins20   Stages6
T343 B22 S34 G38

Zbigniew Kopania

2018-12-26   nettaly   Coins20   Stages10
T65 B8 S22 G32

Eduard Gordeev

2018-12-24   nettaly   Coins20   Stages18
T277 B8 S28 G64

Alena Koshkar

2018-12-24   nettaly   Coins20   Stages6
T57 B2 S9 G51

Simple Scorpio

2018-12-23   richik   Coins20   Stages25
T56 B22 S5 G9

Large mosaic

2018-12-23   richik   Coins50   Stages30
T142 B19 S14 G12

Galina Egorenkova

2018-12-23   nettaly   Coins20   Stages10
T267 B8 S22 G40

Chamomile Paradise

2018-12-23   richik   Coins20   Stages33
T73 B8 S2 G2

Susan Rios

2018-12-21   nettaly   Coins20   Stages26
T152 B9 S16 G27

Susan Wheeler

2018-12-21   nettaly   Coins20   Stages14
T316 B3 S12 G25

The best b & W griddlers 2018

2018-12-20   IglWin   Coins20   Stages90
T375 B6 S13 G2

Lights - training

2018-12-19   IglWin   Coins5   Stages6
T202 B17 S22 G59

Lord of light

2018-12-19   IglWin   Coins50   Stages30
T53 B1 S4 G9

Learning Filipino crosswords

2018-12-19   IglWin   Coins20   Stages6
T104 B33 S45 G49


2018-12-18   nettaly   Coins20   Stages25
T190 B4 S22 G22


2018-12-18   nettaly   Coins20   Stages6
T340 B1 S15 G143

What Russian does not love fast driving.

2018-12-18   Sinicin62   Coins20   Stages12
T166 B18 S33 G0

Winter in painting 10x and 13x

2018-12-13   olenenok   Coins100   Stages73
T450 B3 S17 G8


2018-12-13   nettaly   Coins20   Stages16
T497 B11 S46 G22

Pinakothek 2

2018-12-13   soffikan   Coins50   Stages45
T61 B4 S6 G14

Valentina Fencing

2018-12-12   nettaly   Coins20   Stages33
T230 B5 S21 G28

Food, I love you

2018-12-12   20815ISKORKA   Coins50   Stages6
T393 B43 S2 G0

Around the world. America

2018-12-12   Tane4ka   Coins50   Stages35
T42 B4 S7 G4

Geometric patterns

2018-12-11   nettaly   Coins20   Stages11
T196 B3 S36 G29

Gelsinger - at home and on the street

2018-12-10   nettaly   Coins20   Stages9
T635 B7 S68 G32


2018-12-10   20815ISKORKA   Coins50   Stages6
T243 B17 S48 G0

Mandala - simple and complex

2018-12-08   Tane4ka   Coins50   Stages20
T118 B0 S0 G3

Dona Gelsinger - fauna

2018-12-07   nettaly   Coins20   Stages7
T778 B22 S22 G58

Master color pervertida

2018-12-07   IglWin   Coins20   Stages24
T72 B2 S2 G0

Randal Spangler

2018-12-07   nettaly   Coins20   Stages7
T322 B21 S31 G34

Christmas interior

2018-12-07   olenenok   Coins100   Stages54
T341 B1 S11 G7

Master BW Changeling

2018-12-06   IglWin   Coins20   Stages24
T79 B0 S4 G19

Andrei and Valentina

2018-12-05   nettaly   Coins20   Stages14
T127 B15 S16 G20

Robert Finale

2018-12-05   nettaly   Coins20   Stages29
T458 B5 S23 G36

Alexander Hodakov

2018-12-05   nettaly   Coins20   Stages6
T306 B13 S32 G66

Mountain scenery

2018-12-04   olenenok   Coins50   Stages25
T554 B6 S18 G32


2018-12-04   soffikan   Coins50   Stages36
T68 B4 S9 G21

Brothers our smaller

2018-12-04   soffikan   Coins50   Stages34
T68 B5 S18 G14

Summer is a great time

2018-12-04   soffikan   Coins50   Stages24
T32 B9 S13 G15

Jacek Yerka

2018-12-04   nettaly   Coins20   Stages7
T532 B17 S30 G58

Learning to solve shifters

2018-12-04   IglWin   Coins5   Stages6
T312 B45 S26 G45


2018-12-03   nettaly   Coins20   Stages6
T76 B4 S12 G12

Unknown Variance

2018-12-03   Tverianka   Coins50   Stages13
T167 B16 S10 G3

Miniature of the author James PolN0vik

2018-12-02   1Shahmatist   Coins20   Stages11
T109 B3 S15 G95

Lifes Morozova

2018-12-02   nettaly   Coins20   Stages13
T533 B8 S42 G35

Marcus Rodriguez

2018-12-02   nettaly   Coins20   Stages6
T59 B15 S9 G21

Christmas toys, 10x

2018-12-01   olenenok   Coins50   Stages51
T417 B1 S22 G24


2018-12-01   IglWin   Coins50   Stages18
T671 B4 S4 G2

Simple multiply

2018-12-01   nettaly   Coins20   Stages12
T63 B20 S3 G13

Thomas kinkade 13x

2018-11-30   IglWin   Coins50   Stages78
T427 B5 S6 G20

Khokhloma patterns and not only

2018-11-29   Tane4ka   Coins20   Stages15
T269 B24 S45 G0

House favorites

2018-11-29   richik   Coins100   Stages26
T47 B6 S3 G12

In a fairy tale

2018-11-29   olenenok   Coins20   Stages25
T672 B11 S43 G61

The Flemish Proverbs

2018-11-29   IglWin   Coins50   Stages10
T200 B13 S19 G11

Compound the puzzle, ABCD

2018-11-29   IglWin   Coins20   Stages7
T181 B21 S27 G35

Abstraction 8x

2018-11-28   IglWin   Coins20   Stages18
T217 B5 S13 G40

Mini Landscapes

2018-11-28   IglWin   Coins20   Stages12
T360 B42 S44 G32

Zimushka winter

2018-11-28   olenenok   Coins200   Stages90
T17 B0 S1 G3

Relax, solitaire Mat

2018-11-28   richik   Coins20   Stages17
T47 B11 S17 G15

Mini beasts

2018-11-28   IglWin   Coins50   Stages18
T333 B45 S43 G51

My favorite Japanese mosaic

2018-11-28   richik   Coins50   Stages15
T103 B11 S15 G9

Simple Japanese mosaic

2018-11-27   olenenok   Coins20   Stages25
T191 B17 S14 G14

The tea party

2018-11-27   nettaly   Coins20   Stages6
T78 B9 S4 G19

Lunch break

2018-11-27   olenenok   Coins20   Stages14
T53 B28 S17 G28

Sprint for the Vernissage

2018-11-27   nettaly   Coins20   Stages10
T29 B10 S13 G46

The best Japanese crosswords 2016

2018-11-27   IglWin   Coins100   Stages72
T137 B6 S11 G1

V. I. P. Japanese from Proteins

2018-11-27   IglWin   Coins150   Stages6
T63 B3 S15 G11

The best nonograms of 2017

2018-11-26   IglWin   Coins100   Stages78
T168 B3 S13 G0

Japanese crosswords for smartphones

2018-11-26   IglWin   Coins20   Stages30
T204 B21 S18 G24

Learning Japanese crosswords

2018-11-26   IglWin   Coins20   Stages6
T253 B74 S44 G110

Happy birthday

2018-11-26   olenenok   Coins50   Stages46
T26 B1 S3 G0

Run Museum

2018-11-26   nettaly   Coins20   Stages12
T28 B17 S11 G45

Up in the air

2018-11-26   nettaly   Coins20   Stages12
T27 B13 S15 G29

The night before Christmas

2018-11-25   olenenok   Coins50   Stages45
T48 B3 S2 G5

Way Of The Samurai

2018-11-25   IglWin   Coins20   Stages54
T123 B4 S4 G7

Hardcore multi-Sudoku

2018-11-25   IglWin   Coins100   Stages24
T41 B5 S10 G8

Hardcore solitaire

2018-11-25   IglWin   Coins100   Stages18
T31 B0 S2 G2

Card meditation

2018-11-25   IglWin   Coins20   Stages48
T58 B17 S10 G9

Free cell

2018-11-22   IglWin   Coins20   Stages12
T61 B12 S7 G13


2018-11-22   IglWin   Coins20   Stages12
T73 B4 S5 G11


2018-11-22   IglWin   Coins20   Stages12
T172 B14 S16 G15

Belpassi Kincaid

2018-11-21   IglWin   Coins100   Stages18
T49 B2 S5 G14

Universal soldier

2018-11-20   IglWin   Coins100   Stages30
T33 B0 S4 G1

Master solitaire

2018-11-20   IglWin   Coins20   Stages18
T89 B13 S2 G6


2018-11-20   IglWin   Coins20   Stages10
T151 B11 S7 G13

Alone with nature

2018-11-20   olenenok   Coins20   Stages12
T102 B9 S2 G17

Master of the Belarusian puzzles

2018-11-20   IglWin   Coins50   Stages18
T83 B3 S6 G7

Training tag

2018-11-19   IglWin   Coins20   Stages6
T117 B32 S11 G14
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