Each mission is a sequence of from 6 to 90 puzzles. New puzzles are opened only if all previous ones.

For the solution to each puzzle is assigned a bronze (1 point), silver (2 points), or gold (3 points) medal. Bronze – regardless of the time of the decision, the silver and gold in solution with a speed not less than specified in the job.

in Order to achieve the best results, each puzzle can be solved an unlimited number of times. Please note that to use the existing missions on the website of the puzzle, and a situation may arise when you decide any of them. For this reason, at the start of the solve the next puzzle in the framework of the mission, if the database already save it, or mark decision, it will be removed. The solution time for missions is taken into account separately, so if you can't improve your score, the speed of the previous decisions will remain.

After solving the last task in your personal Cabinet you will see one of the medals. Gold if you got gold for all puzzles, silver - if you have scored at least 2*N points (N is the number of jobs), and bronze – in all other cases.

the Mission have their own entry price in coins. For the decision of the mission with a bronze medal, returns 20% of the coins, with silver medal - 50% Golden - 100%. Their mission may to create a anyone.

Miesse under moderation can be solved for free, coins will not be charged. After someone completely solve missiyu, it is automatically added to the catalog.

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Geometric patterns

2018-12-11   nettaly   Coins20   Stages11
T3 B0 S1 G2

Gelsinger - at home and on the street

2018-12-10   nettaly   Coins20   Stages9
T6 B0 S1 G1

Mandala - simple and complex

2018-12-08   Tane4ka   Coins50   Stages20
T17 B0 S0 G0

Dona Gelsinger - fauna

2018-12-07   nettaly   Coins20   Stages7
T68 B0 S1 G9

Master color pervertida

2018-12-07   Memo   Coins20   Stages24
T9 B0 S0 G0

Randal Spangler

2018-12-07   nettaly   Coins20   Stages7
T29 B2 S1 G8

Christmas interior

2018-12-07   olenenok   Coins100   Stages54
T26 B0 S0 G0

Master BW Changeling

2018-12-06   Memo   Coins20   Stages24
T25 B0 S1 G4

Andrei and Valentina

2018-12-05   nettaly   Coins20   Stages14
T9 B1 S2 G5

Robert Finale

2018-12-05   nettaly   Coins20   Stages29
T62 B0 S1 G3

Alexander Hodakov

2018-12-05   nettaly   Coins20   Stages6
T50 B1 S1 G11

Mountain scenery

2018-12-04   olenenok   Coins50   Stages25
T61 B0 S0 G4


2018-12-04   soffikan   Coins50   Stages36
T6 B0 S1 G2

Brothers our smaller

2018-12-04   soffikan   Coins50   Stages34
T14 B0 S2 G1

Summer is a great time

2018-12-04   soffikan   Coins50   Stages24
T3 B2 S1 G3

Jacek Yerka

2018-12-04   nettaly   Coins20   Stages7
T64 B4 S5 G11

Learning to solve shifters

2018-12-04   Memo   Coins5   Stages6
T56 B12 S10 G10


2018-12-03   nettaly   Coins20   Stages6
T8 B1 S3 G4

Unknown Variance

2018-12-03   Tverianka   Coins50   Stages13
T26 B0 S1 G0

Lifes Morozova

2018-12-02   nettaly   Coins20   Stages13
T101 B0 S6 G5

Marcus Rodriguez

2018-12-02   nettaly   Coins20   Stages6
T13 B3 S1 G5

Christmas toys, 10x

2018-12-01   olenenok   Coins50   Stages51
T110 B0 S3 G1


2018-12-01   Memo   Coins50   Stages18
T116 B0 S0 G0

Simple multiply

2018-12-01   nettaly   Coins20   Stages12
T6 B3 S1 G8

Thomas kinkade 13x

2018-11-30   Memo   Coins50   Stages78
T78 B0 S0 G0

Khokhloma patterns and not only

2018-11-29   Tane4ka   Coins20   Stages15
T68 B0 S4 G0

House favorites

2018-11-29   richik   Coins100   Stages26
T9 B1 S2 G2

In a fairy tale

2018-11-29   olenenok   Coins20   Stages25
T124 B2 S4 G13

The Flemish Proverbs

2018-11-29   Memo   Coins50   Stages10
T35 B3 S5 G2

Compound the puzzle, ABCD

2018-11-29   Memo   Coins20   Stages7
T38 B8 S10 G12

Abstraction 8x

2018-11-28   Memo   Coins20   Stages18
T48 B0 S0 G7

Mini Landscapes

2018-11-28   Memo   Coins20   Stages12
T78 B8 S8 G8

Zimushka winter

2018-11-28   olenenok   Coins200   Stages90
T5 B0 S0 G0

Relax, solitaire Mat

2018-11-28   richik   Coins20   Stages17
T13 B1 S7 G4

Mini beasts

2018-11-28   Memo   Coins50   Stages18
T43 B1 S12 G11

My favorite Japanese mosaic

2018-11-28   richik   Coins50   Stages15
T21 B2 S6 G2

Simple Japanese mosaic

2018-11-27   olenenok   Coins20   Stages25
T36 B1 S2 G4

The tea party

2018-11-27   nettaly   Coins20   Stages6
T18 B0 S1 G3

Lunch break

2018-11-27   olenenok   Coins20   Stages14
T6 B9 S4 G7

Sprint for the Vernissage

2018-11-27   nettaly   Coins20   Stages10
T6 B1 S4 G11

The best Japanese crosswords 2016

2018-11-27   Memo   Coins100   Stages72
T24 B0 S0 G0

V. I. P. Japanese from Proteins

2018-11-27   Memo   Coins150   Stages6
T26 B2 S4 G1

The best nonograms of 2017

2018-11-26   Memo   Coins100   Stages78
T42 B0 S1 G0

Japanese crosswords for smartphones

2018-11-26   Memo   Coins20   Stages30
T39 B2 S5 G5

Learning Japanese crosswords

2018-11-26   Memo   Coins20   Stages6
T29 B12 S15 G27

Happy birthday

2018-11-26   olenenok   Coins50   Stages46
T10 B1 S2 G0

Run Museum

2018-11-26   nettaly   Coins20   Stages12
T6 B3 S2 G15

Up in the air

2018-11-26   nettaly   Coins20   Stages12
T10 B3 S2 G8

The night before Christmas

2018-11-25   olenenok   Coins50   Stages45
T13 B0 S0 G2

Way Of The Samurai

2018-11-25   Memo   Coins20   Stages54
T32 B1 S2 G2

Hardcore multi-Sudoku

2018-11-25   Memo   Coins100   Stages24
T12 B0 S1 G5

Hardcore solitaire

2018-11-25   Memo   Coins100   Stages18
T7 B0 S0 G0

Card meditation

2018-11-25   Memo   Coins20   Stages48
T19 B5 S2 G4

Free cell

2018-11-22   Memo   Coins20   Stages12
T15 B0 S3 G6


2018-11-22   Memo   Coins20   Stages12
T24 B1 S1 G5


2018-11-22   Memo   Coins20   Stages12
T31 B1 S5 G5

Belpassi Kincaid

2018-11-21   Memo   Coins100   Stages18
T20 B0 S1 G3

Universal soldier

2018-11-20   Memo   Coins100   Stages30
T17 B0 S3 G0

Master solitaire

2018-11-20   Memo   Coins20   Stages18
T30 B1 S1 G4


2018-11-20   Memo   Coins20   Stages10
T37 B3 S3 G5

Alone with nature

2018-11-20   olenenok   Coins20   Stages12
T17 B0 S1 G3

Master of the Belarusian puzzles

2018-11-20   Memo   Coins50   Stages18
T34 B1 S2 G2

Training tag

2018-11-19   Memo   Coins20   Stages6
T25 B10 S4 G4
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