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Here you can sell or buy resources and items for crafting.
Tip Sells @anikina Price3x2
Coal Briquettes Buys @Lysva Price1x29
Stone Buys @Krysolya71 Price1x84
Clay Buys @Krysolya71 Price1x81
Ore Buys @Krysolya71 Price1x87
Coal Buys @Game Price1x999
Oil Buys @Game Price1x1994
Green Crystal Buys @Krysolya71 Price1x39
BPN Buys @Lysva Price4x50
Ore Buys @sapsan Price1x745
Ore Buys @miramart777 Price1x1823
Sea Water Sells @leolo Price2x889
BPN Buys @tetra Price4x146
BPN Buys @sapsan Price4x103
Ore Sells @tetra Price3x800
Oil Sells @tetra Price2x800
Green Crystal Buys @Lysva Price1x187
Ore Buys @Lysva Price1x290
BPN Buys @miramart777 Price4x549
Soup Sells @3981anonim Price1x5
Metal foundry Buys @tetra Price35x2
Iron Buys @sapsan Price10x595
Tip Buys @st47298030 Price1x235
Sea Water Buys @Krysolya71 Price1x63
Sand Buys @Krysolya71 Price1x5
Containers Buys @FreeBot Price1x1
Steel smelting Buys @KindlyBot Price2x1
Iron Buys @KindlyBot Price3x1
Tip Buys @MarketBot Price2x1
Sharpening tool Sells @KindlyBot Price10x1
Book Buys @MarketBot Price16x1
Tip Sells @FreeBot Price3x1
Artefakty. Ring of god Sells @KindlyBot Price30x1
Artefakty. Ring of god Sells @TradeBot Price30x1
Tip Sells @PCHELAt9669460 Price3x162
Concrete Mixer Sells @Krysolya71 Price1x11
Silver Sells @Krysolya71 Price84x2
Fresh Water Sells @Krysolya71 Price6x37
Tip Buys @tetra Price2x102
Board Buys @tetra Price20x11
Concrete Mixer Buys @tetra Price88x3
Potions Buys @tetra Price2x2
Cement Buys @tetra Price4x11
Stone Sells @tetra Price2x471
Wood Buys @tetra Price2x45
Shovel Buys @tetra Price15x3
Egg Buys @tetra Price5x12
Sea Water Sells @tetra Price2x775
Screwdriver Buys @tetra Price1x2
Heart of the magician Sells @Game Price1600x1
Concrete Buys @Lysva Price12x8
Unobtainium Sells @Game Price24000x1
Stone Buys @Game Price1x500
Blue Crystal Buys @Game Price1x1335
Lottery ticket Sells @st47298030 Price80x3
Ore Buys @Game Price1x1545
Clay Buys @Game Price1x1000
Red Crystal Buys @Game Price1x1000
Alcohol Buys @st47298030 Price1x12
The melting furnace. BC Buys @st47298030 Price5x8
Saw X3 Sells @st47298030 Price2x8
Coal Power Plant Sells @st47298030 Price2x3
Doubler Buys @st47298030 Price10x7
Gold pack x3000 Sells @st47298030 Price2x2
Soldering iron Buys @st47298030 Price1x5
Axe Buys @KindlyBot Price1x1
Steel Buys @KindlyBot Price1x1
Shovel Buys @TradeBot Price1x1
Axe Buys @MarketBot Price1x1
Incubator Sells @KindlyBot Price3x1
Incubator Sells @TradeBot Price3x1
Incubator Sells @FreeBot Price3x1
Sand Sells @MarketBot Price6x1
Coal Briquettes Sells @KindlyBot Price2x1
Greens Sells @KindlyBot Price11x1
Paint Sells @TradeBot Price13x1
Coop Buys @FreeBot Price8x1
Coal Briquette Sells @FreeBot Price4x1
Lottery ticket Buys @FreeBot Price24x1
Paper Sells @MarketBot Price8x1
Salt Sells @FreeBot Price20x1
Magic ring Sells @FreeBot Price87x1
Soldering iron Sells @FreeBot Price45x1
Super Drop Sells @FreeBot Price37x1
Magic Potion Sells @MarketBot Price19x1
Chicken Sells @FreeBot Price27x1
Magic ticket Sells @FreeBot Price757x1
Medicines Sells @FreeBot Price72x1
Coal Sells @sapsan Price2x689
Oil Sells @sapsan Price2x294
Sea Water Buys @Lysva Price1x363
Ore Sells @Percy Price3x200
Clay Buys @miramart777 Price1x579
Green Crystal Sells @tetra Price2x107
Tip Sells @miramart777 Price3x2317
Lottery ticket Buys @Lysva Price20x44
Containers Buys @miramart777 Price4x42
Coal Briquette Buys @today Price3x19
Sewing kit Buys @Lysva Price1x17
Green Potion Buys @Percy Price7x21
Red Potion Buys @Game Price1x189
Red Potion Buys @Percy Price7x38
Pig Buys @matuschka Price6x9
Fuel Buys @sapsan Price4x79
Stone Buys @mikl Price1x102
Ore Sand Buys @Lysva Price3x59
Green Crystal Buys @Game Price1x1525
Blue Crystal Buys @Lysva Price1x162
Red Crystal Buys @Lysva Price1x140
Coal Buys @14gul Price1x7
Ore Buys @Kanna Price1x341
Sea Water Buys @Game Price1x990
Fasteners Buys @Lysva Price2x28
Blue Potion Buys @Percy Price7x34
Screwdriver Buys @Percy Price1x2
Concrete Buys @today Price10x27
Sand Buys @Percy Price3x50
Wood Buys @Game Price2x119
Oil Buys @Lysva Price1x557
Sea Water Sells @Kanna Price3x587
Farm livestock Buys @Game Price400x2
Greens Buys @Game Price3x88
Steel Buys @Game Price20x20
Energy Buys @Game Price7x100
Octahedron Buys @mikl Price1945x1
Grain Sells @Lysva Price5x276
Grain Buys @Game Price3x33
Trees Sells @yarus Price2x3
Soil Sells @t98743235 Price3x85
Farm livestock Buys @mikl Price370x1
Lottery ticket Buys @Lysva Price26x7
Sea Water Buys @mikl Price1x916
Ore Buys @mikl Price1x952
Green Crystal Buys @mikl Price1x653
Upgrade Buys @miramart777 Price151x13
Metalpak 2 Buys @KindlyBot Price3x1
Glass Factory Buys @KindlyBot Price1x1
Energy Buys @KindlyBot Price2x1
Electronics Buys @KindlyBot Price12x1
Glass Factory Buys @TradeBot Price1x1
Power Plant Buys @TradeBot Price1x1
Energy Buys @TradeBot Price2x1
Glass Buys @TradeBot Price4x1
Iron Buys @TradeBot Price3x1
Glass Factory Buys @MarketBot Price1x1
Energy Buys @MarketBot Price2x1
Glass Factory Buys @FreeBot Price1x1
Energy Buys @FreeBot Price3x1
Sheep Buys @KindlyBot Price3x1
Board Buys @MarketBot Price10x1
Containers Buys @MarketBot Price2x1
Sharpening tool Sells @TradeBot Price10x1
Seed Buys @TradeBot Price5x1
Poacher Buys @MarketBot Price8x1
Seed Buys @MarketBot Price5x1
Paint Sells @FreeBot Price14x1
Fuel Sells @KindlyBot Price10x1
Corn Processing Sells @TradeBot Price10x1
Green Potion Sells @FreeBot Price2x1
Magic ticket Buys @KindlyBot Price161x1
Leather Sells @FreeBot Price11x1
Meat Sells @FreeBot Price14x1
Concrete Sells @FreeBot Price26x1
Axe Buys @KindlyBot Price15x1
Axe Buys @MarketBot Price16x1
Concrete Sells @TradeBot Price19x1
Poacher Sells @FreeBot Price30x1
Hay Sells @KindlyBot Price33x1
Concrete Sells @KindlyBot Price14x1
Pitchfork Sells @TradeBot Price24x1
Luck Sells @FreeBot Price40x1
Pitchfork Sells @KindlyBot Price23x1
BM. Metalpak Sells @FreeBot Price128x1
Things Hunt Sells @TradeBot Price1218x1
Drilling Rig Sells @TradeBot Price3x1
Drilling Rig Sells @MarketBot Price3x1
Drilling Rig Sells @KindlyBot Price3x1
Drilling Rig Sells @FreeBot Price3x1
Super Luck Sells @MarketBot Price107x1
Super Luck Sells @FreeBot Price107x1
KF. drop *2 Sells @FreeBot Price176x1
Doubler Sells @FreeBot Price176x1
KF. drop *2 Sells @MarketBot Price176x1
Doubler Sells @FreeBot Price727x1
Doubler Sells @MarketBot Price727x1
Doubler Sells @MarketBot Price176x1
Ore Sells @vagook Price2x8
Oil Sells @vagook Price2x35
Blue Crystal Sells @vagook Price2x18
Farm livestock Buys @Krysolya71 Price1x401
Fuel Sells @Krysolya71 Price7x48
Energy Sells @sapsan Price14x125
Leather Sells @Game Price9x192
Coal Sells @vagook Price2x10
Red Crystal Sells @vagook Price2x33
Energy Buys @t98743235 Price7x125
Tip Sells @Kanna Price3x14
Magic mirror Buys @Game Price1600x1
Sea Water Sells @sapsan Price2x357
People Sells @milena17 Price1x1
Pluto Sells @milena17 Price2x2
Stone Sells @milena17 Price2x9
Blue Potion Sells @milena17 Price10x10
Green Potion Sells @tetra Price14x1
Food Buys @_gst6907763 Price2x24
Tip Sells @sapsan Price3x1308
Soldering iron Sells @q1w2 Price41x1
Wood Buys @PCHELAt9669460 Price1x117
Glass Buys @odnakoge Price14x22
Fuel Buys @TradeBot Price1x1
Knife Buys @MarketBot Price4x1
Explosives Buys @FreeBot Price28x1
Lottery ticket Buys @KindlyBot Price7x1
Glass Buys @KindlyBot Price5x1
Metal foundry Buys @TradeBot Price10x1
Metal foundry Buys @MarketBot Price11x1
Explosives Buys @MarketBot Price27x1
BPN Buys @FreeBot Price4x1
Pen Buys @FreeBot Price5x1
Electro Dialysis Buys @FreeBot Price6x1
Coal Briquettes Sells @FreeBot Price2x1
Lottery ticket Buys @MarketBot Price14x1
Fresh Water Sells @FreeBot Price10x1
Containers Sells @TradeBot Price8x1
Meat Sells @MarketBot Price9x1
Gold Buys @FreeBot Price84x1
Scissors Sells @MarketBot Price38x1
Battery Sells @KindlyBot Price31x1
Board Sells @FreeBot Price63x1
Pitchfork Sells @FreeBot Price25x1
Soldering iron Sells @MarketBot Price46x1
Magic ring Sells @FreeBot Price8x1
Magic Potion Sells @FreeBot Price21x1
Saw Sells @MarketBot Price26x1
Artifacts. Supernova Buys @FreeBot Price50x1
Diamond Sells @FreeBot Price401x1
BM. Meat Sells @FreeBot Price10x1
Ink Sells @FreeBot Price60x1
BM. Wool Sells @FreeBot Price18x1
Drop instead of guarantee Sells @FreeBot Price139x1
Magic ring Sells @MarketBot Price450x1
Super Luck Sells @KindlyBot Price107x1
Super Luck Sells @TradeBot Price107x1
Doubler Sells @TradeBot Price176x1
KF. drop *2 Sells @KindlyBot Price176x1
Doubler Sells @KindlyBot Price176x1
KF. drop *2 Sells @TradeBot Price176x1
Doubler Sells @TradeBot Price727x1
Doubler Sells @KindlyBot Price727x1
Fresh Water Sells @milena17 Price11x1
Energy Sells @milena17 Price15x3
Concrete Mixer Sells @Avega Price100x5
Green Potion Sells @vagook Price15x9
Ore Buys @odnakoge Price1x144
Stone Sells @vagook Price2x12
Sea Water Sells @vagook Price2x160
Clay Buys @Lysva Price1x215
Knife Buys @odnakoge Price7x3
Tree Buys @tetra Price14x25
Steel Buys @sapsan Price20x12
Paper Buys @sapsan Price6x100
Paper Sells @Krysolya71 Price8x40
Sand Buys @_gst6907763 Price1x26
Containers Buys @PCHELAt9669460 Price1x297
The one ring Sells @Krysolya71 Price1949x1
Lottery ticket Sells @14gul Price80x14
Witch broom Buys @Krysolya71 Price2776x1
Heavy Equipment Buys @Krysolya71 Price244x1
Blue Potion Sells @14gul Price5x1
Sea Water Buys @14gul Price1x44
Ore Sells @milena17 Price2x4
Oil Sells @milena17 Price2x67
Egg Sells @Lysva Price8x100
Fresh Water Buys @Lysva Price3x15
Screwdriver Buys @Lysva Price9x9
Chicken Buys @Lysva Price18x39
Shovel Buys @Lysva Price12x8
Steel Buys @Lysva Price18x50
Pitchfork Buys @Lysva Price12x4
Board Sells @Lysva Price30x67
Plastic Buys @Lysva Price5x25
Paint Buys @Lysva Price3x35
Hay Buys @Lysva Price12x91
Rake Buys @Lysva Price10x14
Rubber Buys @Lysva Price9x23
Hammer Buys @Lysva Price13x16
Bonus coin Buys @14gul Price1x1
Fishing Rod Buys @14gul Price1x4
Cement Buys @14gul Price25x1
The one ring Buys @14gul Price1000x1
Heart of the magician Buys @14gul Price1000x1
The magic potion Buys @14gul Price1000x1
Witch broom Buys @14gul Price1000x1
Demon mask Buys @14gul Price1000x1
Oil refining Buys @14gul Price44x1
Blue amulet Buys @14gul Price1000x1
Magic mirror Buys @14gul Price1000x1
Ring good luck Buys @14gul Price1000x1
Concrete Buys @14gul Price50x2
Garden tools Buys @14gul Price11x3
Tools Buys @14gul Price11x1
Plutonium Sells @14gul Price1600x1
The melting furnace. BC Buys @14gul Price5x1
Board Buys @14gul Price10x3
Egg Buys @14gul Price5x5
Green Crystal Buys @14gul Price1x45
Sewing shop Buys @14gul Price11x2
Pig Sells @14gul Price10x10
Concrete Buys @14gul Price1x2
Soil Buys @14gul Price2x22
Smelter Buys @14gul Price11x1
Bonus coin Buys @14gul Price41x3
Board Sells @14gul Price35x4
Electro Dialysis Buys @14gul Price5x2
Shoes Sells @14gul Price80x2
Prevention Sells @14gul Price10x1
Electronics Sells @14gul Price100x1
Chicken Buys @14gul Price18x1
Training of scientists Sells @14gul Price1x4
Steel smelting Buys @14gul Price1x2
Farm livestock Buys @Lysva Price400x1
Rake Buys @KindlyBot Price7x1
BPN Buys @MarketBot Price4x1
Greens Sells @TradeBot Price11x1
Greens Sells @MarketBot Price10x1
Fresh Water Sells @MarketBot Price11x1
Corn Processing Sells @KindlyBot Price9x1
BPN Sells @TradeBot Price9x1
BPN Sells @KindlyBot Price9x1
Electro Dialysis Sells @KindlyBot Price20x1
Pen Sells @TradeBot Price18x1
Pen Sells @MarketBot Price18x1
Chicken Sells @KindlyBot Price46x1
Rake Sells @TradeBot Price38x1
Sea Water Sells @Percy Price2x143
Heavy Equipment Buys @Lysva Price241x1
Witch broom Buys @Lysva Price2774x1
Octahedron Buys @Lysva Price1944x1
Metal foundry Buys @Lysva Price35x2
Coal Buys @Lysva Price1x250
Stone Buys @Lysva Price1x296
Soil Buys @tetra Price2x96
BPN Sells @Game Price6x43
Green Potion Sells @vagook Price3x2
The melting furnace. BC Sells @vagook Price340x2
Weaving factory Sells @vagook Price2x1
Clay Sells @vagook Price2x14
Clay Sells @milena17 Price2x16
Chicken Sells @danik Price25x1
Clay Buys @danik Price1x6
Metal foundry Buys @Percy Price35x3
Blue Crystal Buys @Percy Price1x15
Robbery Buys @Percy Price1x10
Tools Buys @Percy Price10x5
The melting furnace. BC Buys @Percy Price170x1
Clay Buys @Percy Price1x155
Smelter Buys @Percy Price389x3
Upgrade Buys @Percy Price50x1
KF. drop *2 Buys @Percy Price1x5
Cement Buys @Percy Price20x5
Sand quarry Buys @Percy Price5x1
Unobtanium Buys @Percy Price100x1
Wood splitter Buys @Percy Price7x10
Mill Buys @Percy Price1x5
Sewing shop Buys @Percy Price30x5
Coal Buys @Percy Price1x97
Board Buys @Percy Price20x11
Oil refining Buys @Percy Price110x3
nuclear power plant Buys @Percy Price50x3
Coal Briquette Buys @Percy Price2x89
Board Buys @Percy Price18x20
Farm livestock Buys @Percy Price1x2
Magic ticket Buys @Percy Price1x3
Repair Buys @Percy Price1x3
Heavy Equipment Buys @Percy Price169x1
Sawmill Buys @Percy Price103x3
Antimatter Buys @Percy Price50x1
Prevention Buys @Percy Price1x7
Rubber Buys @Percy Price1x5
BPN Buys @Percy Price4x3
Coop Buys @Percy Price1x5
Sharpening tool Buys @Percy Price1x4
Concrete Buys @Percy Price100x5
Doubler Buys @Percy Price1x3
The plane Buys @Percy Price1x5
Electronics Buys @Percy Price10x5
Corn Processing Buys @Percy Price1x3
Diamond Buys @Percy Price3x5
Doubler Buys @Percy Price172x5
Electro Dialysis Buys @Percy Price2x5
Stone Buys @Percy Price1x115
Magic Potion Sells @Percy Price2x9
Steel smelting Buys @Percy Price1x5
Smelter Buys @Percy Price138x3
Glass Factory Buys @Percy Price1x1
Seed Buys @Percy Price6x49
Magic Potion Sells @Percy Price2x10
Green Crystal Buys @Percy Price1x170
Hay Sells @today Price1x2
Scissors Sells @today Price1x12
Knife Sells @today Price1x11
Cement Sells @milena17 Price6x2
Cement Buys @KindlyBot Price1x1
Wood Buys @KindlyBot Price1x1
Cement Buys @TradeBot Price1x1
Wood Buys @TradeBot Price1x1
Shovel Buys @MarketBot Price1x1
Cement Buys @MarketBot Price2x1
Cement Buys @FreeBot Price2x1
Wood Buys @FreeBot Price1x1
Green Potion Sells @MarketBot Price6x1
Corn Sells @MarketBot Price3x1
Knife Sells @FreeBot Price3x1
Blue Potion Buys @KindlyBot Price5x1
Magic ring Buys @TradeBot Price130x1
Paper Sells @TradeBot Price17x1
Concrete Buys @KindlyBot Price9x1
Concrete Buys @TradeBot Price9x1
Concrete Buys @MarketBot Price10x1
Ore Sand Buys @MarketBot Price15x1
Tokamak Buys @FreeBot Price14x1
Meat Buys @KindlyBot Price8x1
Meat Buys @TradeBot Price8x1
BM. Metalpak Buys @MarketBot Price30x1
Shovel Buys @KindlyBot Price11x1
Braid Buys @TradeBot Price17x1
Generator Buys @MarketBot Price91x1
Leather Sells @MarketBot Price9x1
Sheep Sells @TradeBot Price7x1
Pen Buys @KindlyBot Price13x1
Board Buys @KindlyBot Price19x1
Lottery ticket Buys @TradeBot Price17x1
Plastic Sells @MarketBot Price10x1
Prevention Sells @KindlyBot Price4x1
Prevention Sells @TradeBot Price4x1
Lottery ticket Buys @TradeBot Price23x1
Lottery ticket Buys @KindlyBot Price24x1
Fish Sells @MarketBot Price7x1
Shoes Buys @MarketBot Price42x1
Bonus coin Buys @KindlyBot Price28x1
Knife Sells @TradeBot Price15x1
BM. Meat Sells @KindlyBot Price18x1
BM. Meat Sells @TradeBot Price19x1
Medicines Buys @KindlyBot Price30x1
Hammer Sells @TradeBot Price26x1
Knife Sells @KindlyBot Price13x1
Kirk Sells @TradeBot Price30x1
Cloth Sells @TradeBot Price14x1
Rubber Sells @MarketBot Price25x1
Generator Buys @TradeBot Price144x1
Metalpak 2 Sells @TradeBot Price16x1
Hammer Sells @MarketBot Price25x1
Shovel Sells @TradeBot Price17x1
Saw Sells @TradeBot Price28x1
Ore Sand Sells @TradeBot Price45x1
The hospital Sells @KindlyBot Price85x1
Explosives Sells @KindlyBot Price124x1
Drop instead of guarantee Sells @TradeBot Price123x1
Cement Sells @MarketBot Price60x1
Shoes Sells @KindlyBot Price58x1
Food Sells @milena17 Price8x2
Sea Water Sells @milena17 Price2x45
Green Crystal Sells @milena17 Price2x19
Bonus coin Buys @today Price43x1
Food Sells @Lysva Price8x35
Cement Sells @q1w2 Price6x7
Cloth Sells @Lysva Price2x49
Sand Buys @Lysva Price2x105
Sand Sells @domna Price4x104
Containers Buys @Lysva Price3x37
Corn Buys @Lysva Price3x90
Sharpening tool Buys @Lysva Price2x51
Fuel Sells @Lysva Price8x40
Electronics Buys @Lysva Price10x6
Coal Briquette Buys @Lysva Price2x59
Blue Potion Buys @Lysva Price2x6
Soil Buys @Lysva Price2x92
Paint Buys @Lysva Price1x36
Clothing Sells @Lysva Price2x25
Seed Buys @Lysva Price5x17
Atomic disintegrator Buys @Lysva Price1777x1
Artifact of the Illuminati Buys @Lysva Price2050x1
Working Sells @Lysva Price320x10
All or Nothing Sells @Lysva Price20000x1
Super Drop Buys @Lysva Price2127x1
Luck Sells @Lysva Price4300x1
Coin Pack x1000 Sells @Lysva Price1100x5
Wood Buys @Lysva Price2x119
Braid Buys @Lysva Price21x11
Coin Pack x50 Sells @Lysva Price60x39
Coin Pack x3000 Sells @Lysva Price3200x5
Iron Buys @Lysva Price8x26
All or Nothing Buys @Lysva Price100x1
Hunting for artifacts Sells @Lysva Price2500x1
Magic cube Buys @Lysva Price2100x1
Wrench Buys @Lysva Price9x6
Artefakty. Ring of god Buys @Lysva Price1x1
Magic ticket Buys @Lysva Price110x2
Sewing shop Buys @Lysva Price143x3
Luck Buys @Lysva Price1x4
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